Naturopath creates all-encompassing anxiety program

Georgie Collinson

Reset Your Anxious Mind In 90 Days combines everything from the food you eat, your gut health, your thoughts and beliefs, your genetics and hormones, to the way you live your everyday life.

Meet Georgie Collinson, a graduate of Naturopathy from the Southern School of Natural Therapies.

Her new program Reset Your Anxious Mind In 90 Days combines everything from the food you eat, your gut health, your thoughts and beliefs, your genetics and hormones, to the way you live your everyday life.

Learn about her own struggles with anxiety and how she came out the other side.

A few years ago I felt like my life was heading for a black hole. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful childhood, but after my parents’ divorce in my late teens, my world was shattered and anxiety entered my life in a big way. I was constantly bracing for the next crisis to turn my life upside down. I couldn’t shake the anxiety that would start from the moment I woke each day, buzzing through my gut even when there wasn’t any clear reason for it.

I just wanted to feel peaceful. I used to dream of what that would feel like. It was a year or so later that I became interested in what nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes could offer. So I began my studies in Naturopathy at SSNT. I developed an interest in many areas of health, but anxiety and mental health were my clear passion.

Anxiety is so common, 17% of Australians have experienced anxiety in the past 12 months.

My research has led me to believe that this is largely due to the environment we live in, where time is always scarce, we are under higher work pressure, social media pits us against the “perfect” lives of those around us and community and human interaction is dissolving, as we buy bigger houses, more stuff, and have fewer close friends.

We’re cut off from nature, with many of us arriving at work in the dark and heading home after the sun goes down. We’re so exhausted when the weekend rolls around, that we don’t have the energy to go out for a hike in the mountains or a bike ride along a river trail.

Our values are misplaced, as advertising compels us to purchase our happiness in meaningless, material goods. The happiness is short-lived, and the chase for more things and more money continues.

That’s enough to make anyone feel a little nervous.

Many people have experienced anxiety without realising it: the rush of heat, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, butterflies in your stomach, light-headedness, the need for something to calm down (like alcohol), and the sense of losing control. The thing is, we are all vulnerable to anxiety in an environment like this.

Yet some of us have more resilience than others, and building this resilience is exactly what I now teach my clients about. It’s what I learned to do for myself, too.

I spent years seeking out all the healing I could find and learning how anxiety stems from a multitude of different causes, both mentally and physically in the body.

These days my anxiety is gone 90% of the time, and I know just what to do when it crops up to say hello. So naturally, my mission is to help others move past their anxiety too.

My message is that you are not stuck living your entire life as an anxious person, your brain can and will change if you first believe it is possible.

Over the years, I read loads of books. I traveled the world. I explored numerous therapies that might help me, including counseling, psychotherapy, yoga, acupressure, meditation, reiki, shamanic healing in the jungle (a story for another time), breath work, gut healing, nutrition, epigenetics, and spirituality.

It was a combination of these therapies that was the always most effective anxiety treatment for my clients, and myself, yet I never found everything wrapped up in one succinct package.

Psychologists are unable to address one’s sleep quality, iron, and magnesium status and hormone imbalances. Nutrition alone is not the answer either; as of course thoughts and beliefs play a crucial role.

This is why I decided to bundle it all together with the Anxiety Reset Method.

I’ve taken the best from my own experience, naturopathy studies at The Southern School Of Natural Therapies, clinical research and coaching clients to build what I’m proud to call the most all-encompassing anxiety program out there.

Reset Your Anxious Mind In 90 Days

This program takes you through the complete road map I use for my one-on-one clients, with a bonus community setting. We look anxiety from the food you eat, your gut health, your thoughts and beliefs, your genetics and hormones, to the way you live your everyday life.

I recently hosted a free webinar explaining more about the Anxiety Reset Method, which you can access via the link below. You can keep up to date with me on Instagram by following @georgiethenaturopath or join my free Anxiety Reset Community group on Facebook.

As SSNT has been such an integral part to my knowledge and skills, I would love to make the program accessible to any SSNT students who would like to participate, with a student discount offer of 40%, using the code: SSNT40 

Want to sign up? Register here 

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