How to win our Sibella Court Interior Design Scholarship, from someone who's done it before

Sibella Court Scholarship winner for 2020 showcases her winning work - a unique still-life butterfly enclosure

Applications for the 2021 Sibella Court Interior Design Scholarship are now open. We sat down with 2020 recipient, Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration student, Taylor Dale to give you a backstage pass to life as a Sibella Court Scholarship winner.

We've all heard the term 'match made in heaven.' It is synonymous with unrivalled duos with unending force – think Batman and Superman, Thelma and Louise – a pair that just makes sense. That was the feeling we got in 2020 when Sibella Court, internationally renowned Interior Designer, joined Billy Blue College of Design as our exclusive interior design ambassador. A key pillar of our iconic partnership, now in its second year, is the coveted Sibella Court Interior Design Scholarship.  

Successful applicants not only receive 50% off their course fees they are also mentored by Sibella herself and have access to her leading interiors brand The Society Inc. to explore their samples library, seek inspiration and collaborate on ideas. 

Applications for the 2021 scholarship are now open, and we sat down with 2020 scholarship recipient and Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration student Taylor Dale to give you a backstage pass to life as a Sibella Court Scholarship winner. 

How did you find out about the Sibella Court internship and how did you find the application process?

I had been following Sibella on Instagram for some time and saw her post about the new mentorship program she was going to be a part of and thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity. Once I had thought over the brief, and what I wanted to submit, the application process was really straightforward.

What creative piece did you submit for your application and why?

I submitted a still-life butterfly cloche as my piece. For years, my parents and I had been collecting vintage and rusty odds-and-ends with the intention of one day sitting down and creating unique, frozen-in-time worlds, sealed in antique domes. When the Melbourne lockdown hit, and I could no longer work as an event florist, it seemed the perfect time to finally start. To me, these creations represented my family’s adoration for designing with repurposed materials, my passion and career in floristry, as well as being emblematic of life’s transient and delicate nature- which seemed all too apparent with the sudden restrictions placed upon us.

I chose my favourite from my collection, and knew that it was an extension of me, my history, and how I would like to enter the interior design world.

Taylor Dale's winning Sibella Court Interior Design Scholarship submission - a cloche vignette of a butterfly in nature. 

How did you feel when you found out you won?

When I found out I had won, I was ecstatic, and a little bit of disbelief. Just finding out I had made it through to the round of interviews was an incredible feeling and sense of achievement, so I was beyond happy and thankful to have been given this opportunity.

How have you found your study experience with Billy Blue so far?

Studying at Billy Blue has been amazing. The teachers are so helpful and knowledgeable, and everyone who is there is there for their passion, which is a beautiful thing to be around.  

What has it been like being the Sibella Court Interior Design scholarship winner?

It has been a truly life-changing experience. I made the move to Sydney after winning the scholarship, and it was so encouraging and inspiring to have my art acknowledged in such a way. It gave me a renewed sense of self-belief.  

What can you tell us about your experience working with Sibella and her team?

Seeing inside the world of a professional and talented designer and her amazing team has been incredible! I am so thankful for all the experiences I have been given, and they are all so welcoming and fun to be around. It has given me an insight into the industry and has inspired my passion even further.

What advice do you have for people thinking about applying for the scholarship and studying at Billy Blue?

I would say: take the leap! When I applied, I never expected to end up where I have. I am so thankful that I did and have started on this new and exciting path. 

Hurry, applications are closing midnight 30 August 2021.


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