Adventure into Interior Design with a Sibella Court Scholarship

Interior Design Scholarship with Sibella Court

Receive an exclusive opportunity to be mentored by Sibella Court with a 50% scholarship.

At Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia, industry is in our DNA. That’s why partnering with globally renowned interior designer Sibella Court was a no-brainer. With a shared commitment to fostering emerging talent, we introduced the Sibella Court Interior Design Scholarship.

Recipients receive a 50 per cent reduction in tuition fees and, invaluably, the opportunity to be mentored by Sibella and her team at The Society Inc. In great news, we have one scholarship on offer to a student commencing their studies in February 2023. If you want to adventure into Interior Design, now’s the time.

But first, we asked previous scholarship recipient Jennifer Said to talk us through her winning submission – and what she gained from her time with the interiors icon.

How did you hear about the Sibella Court Scholarship and how did you find the application process?

I found out about the scholarship from the Billy Blue website when I was applying to enrol in a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. The process was quite seamless from start to finish as instructions were clear.

What creative piece did you submit for your scholarship application and why?

I submitted a physical timeline of my personal history. Being the history buff that I am, I wanted a piece to explore the background circumstances that led to where I was and am in my life. My timeline consisted of a series of photos of my parents’ major life experiences, including their travels as youths, my father’s time in the army, my mother’s time in university and their migration to Australia. I also included images of the cultural influences my parents would have been exposed to that ultimately would have affected their decisions and personalities. Every material, every photograph, every placement was a deliberate and symbolic decision that I made.

Sibella Scholarship Jennifer Said

How did you feel when you found out you won?

I was so thrilled. I honestly felt like it was far-fetched because I had little experience in the creative industry, having come from a completely different one, so I assumed someone else out there would have more skill and, therefore, be more likely to receive the scholarship. After the disbelief settled, I became ecstatic.

How have you found your study experience at Billy Blue so far?

My experience has been great so far. Although I have chosen to complete my studies online, I haven’t felt disadvantaged in the slightest. The college has so many supportive initiatives for all students, from online events to student mentors to Success Coaches. I have studied at various tertiary institutions and Billy Blue has been the most interactive with its students. All the teachers are well-experienced within their fields and extremely diligent.

What can you tell us about your experience working with Sibella and her team?

Working with Sibella and her team is extremely insightful. I have attended photoshoots and gone behind the scenes, attending site visits to understand the process of being an interior designer. To be there to witness important discussions and bounce around ideas in a collaborative environment is an informative and valuable experience for me, especially not having come from this industry.

What advice do you have for anyone considering applying for the scholarship and studying at Billy Blue?

Consider a creative piece that is personal to you. I’d also stress the importance of not needing to feel inadequate if this is something completely new to you. Go out on a whim, be creative, have faith.

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