Student Spotlight: Prathamesh Gajanan Samant

Prathamesh Student Profile

Meet Prathamesh, one of our sensational Master of International Hotel Management students from India and leant about his experience and Industry Placement.

Prathamesh is one of our sensational Master of International Hotel Management students. He is an international student from India who found the hotel industry a natural fit for him as it leverages his love for connecting with people around the world.

As part of his studies at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS), Prathamesh will gain up to 600 hours of valuable real-world experience on his Industry Placement where he is able to put his passion and learnings into practice.

We explore a little more about his experience as part of the pre-opening team at the W Melbourne Hotel as a Beverage & Food Agent and how it's helped prepare him for an exciting career in the hotel industry in a Q&A below.

What inspired you to choose a career in hospitality/hotel management?

I have always been an individual who loves meeting and conversing with new people, something that is very important in this field. After plenty of deliberation and careful thinking, I had realized that it was only natural for me to pursue and excel in this career.

Tell us about why you choose to study at BMIHMS.

I have always believed in upgrading and learning something new throughout my life. A highly ranked university in Australia that provides students with specialized training and education, with a Success Coach program, was a perfect choice. I am glad to have learned under this esteemed institution.

Tell us about your Industry Placement and why you think it was a valuable experience.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity I received to work in a reputed organization during my placement period, as I got an insight into the work culture and got to implement my learning into practical situations.

What was the highlight of your experience? What is something you have learnt that you will take with you for the rest of your career?

Making new friends, connections and being guided by mentors that have imparted an abundance of knowledge in me while living in an initially unfamiliar country is something I will always be grateful for and remember for many years to come.

As an international student, tell us about your experience studying and working in Australia. Why did you choose Australia?

One of my colleagues in India was a BMIHMS alumni so he suggested for me to choose Australia, which has proven to be the right choice for me. Getting opportunities to study at a renowned university of BMIHMS and to work in top rated hotels in the country has been fulfilling. Getting to learn, interact and create global connections have helped me gain confidence and utilise my skills learned at the university and at work.

How has BMIHMS supported you through your studies with us in Australia as an international student?

It has been a delight being a BMIHMS student. The university has provided us with excellent teachers and staff to give us the right guidance and has shown patience for us to adapt and understand the ways of learning and working in a foreign country. Overall its has been a positive learning experience.

Many students may be anxious about having to go into a professional setting for the first time, what advice would you give them?

My advice based on the experiences I've had is to be confident, stay humble, ask questions and be ready to learn through every up and down while on the job.

Do you feel your industry placement experience has helped prepare you for the real world?

Yes, it has positively impacted me. I can practice my learnings in real-life situations and am more confident and able to tackle industry-related situations.

What excites you about a future in hospitality?

Understanding and responding to customers' needs, behaviors, and expectations that are constantly changing. The industry is constantly evolving to satisfy its consumers. Facing new challenges every day helps me grow constantly. As the demand for skilled professionals is growing, I'm excited for a very fulfilling career in this field.

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