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When it comes to hotel management careers, you can run an organisation from behind the scenes as an Operations Manager or ensure guests are receiving the proper VIP treatment as a Guest Relations Manager. Direct entire resorts, lead the front desk team or even jump into the entertainment side of the business. There is a variety of exciting hotel management jobs to choose from.

Hotel General Manager/CEO

Oversee the smooth running of an accommodation-based business, at any scale.

Hotel General Managers oversee venue operations and are responsible for the overall functioning of the business. As a GM, you have the option to specialise in one of the many different functions and departments within a hotel, especially when working for a large global chain. Operating at a higher level, CEOs are essentially the General Managers for the entire business.

What does a General Manager do?

  • Take responsibility for all aspects of hotel operations, including customer service and hotel profitability
  • Become a leader in managing various hotel teams and divisions
  • Strategise key property issues such as capital projects, customers service and property refurbishments
  • Act as ambassador and spokesperson for the business or division

Hotel and Resort Manager

Take responsibility for ensuring guests have the best possible time at your establishment.

Hotel and Resort Manager is a role that combines your experience in customer service, operations and human resources, offering opportunities across the most beautiful places in the world. Gain deep satisfaction from ensuring your guests enjoy their time at your location, supporting your team to create incredible experiences and taking an active role when necessary.

What does a Hotel and Resort Manager do?

  • Strategise and supervise day-to-day operations of your chosen venue
  • Design beautiful, comfortable and safe environments to create positive experiences for patrons
  • Take responsibility for profitability and revenue management
  • Design creative marketing strategies and promotions

Front Office Manager

Manage customer expectations and experiences from start to finish.

As a Front Office Manager, you will support your customer service team in establishments ranging from luxurious internationally renowned hotels and larger-scale resorts to smaller-scale local institutions. Whether you intend to work internationally, within Australia or stay locally, there are plenty of employment opportunities available.

What does a Front Office Manager do?

  • Manage the first point of contact with guests and stakeholders
  • Build excitement and adventure by directing guests to local tourist attractions
  • Supervise, direct and co-ordinate administrative staff and duties
  • Handle administration by preparing occupancy and financial reports

Guest Relations Manager

Create lasting impressions by accommodating guests and seeing to their every need.

The role of a Guest Relations Manager is to handle the requirements of customers. By ensuring all needs are met – often before they’re anticipated – you’ll create long-lasting, happy memories and generate repeat business. From iconic hotels like Hilton and Four Seasons, to high-roller casino-based hotels, you will find many rewarding roles available in high-level service.

What does a Guest Relations Manager do?

  • Create a lasting impression as the main point of contact for guests during their stay
  • Take customer service to the next level by accommodating guest service experiences
  • Communicate and take on feedback to improves the overall experience
  • Focus on specific needs to build customer loyalty over time

Room Division Supervisor

Take charge of the overall planning and organising of the rooms in accommodation. 

Room Division Supervisors ensure the state and standard of accommodation rooms are up to scratch. Working as a Room Division Supervisor, or a Director of Rooms, you will ensure the suites available are both fit for purpose and managed to guests’ expectations. This can include organising decor and managing housekeeping staff, amoung other requirements.

  • Prepare and manage rooms to meet the organisation’s standards
  • Assist in making guests comfortable by preparing rooms to their specifications
  • Complete inspections on buildings and rooms, ensuring they’re well maintained and visually appealing
  • Oversee room services, housekeeping and other relevant departments within the organisation

Director of Operations

Spend your days ensuring all the elements that make a hotel great are running to plan. Director of Operations brings everything together. You will have a hand in human resources, housekeeping, security, public relations, food services, sales and finances – and that’s just for starters. This is the ideal role for someone who loves to be across every aspect of a hospitality business, with no problem too big or small.

What do Directors of Operations do?

  • Play a leading hand in overseeing every aspect of an organisation
  • Develop and review strategies to ensure smooth and successful operations
  • Support your team in providing excellent service to patrons
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of your organisation at every level

Director of Revenue Management

Take leadership in financial aspects including product pricing, room rates and setting budgets across departments.

As a Director of Revenue Management, you will have the responsibility of optimising revenue streams, making strategic decisions that are influenced by a variety of internal and external factors. You will know how to set the right price at the right time, helping hotels sell more rooms, boosting occupancy and ultimately increasing profits.

What does a Revenue Director do?

  • Analyse sales and market data to make pricing recommendations
  • Develop revenue and pricing strategies to increase organisation profitability and sustainability
  • Set monthly and annual financial goals that reflect revenue strategy
  • Communicate revenue cycle issues and strategies throughout the organisation

Revenue Analyst

Analyse and optimise the financial side of an organisation.

Revenue Analysts cover the financial aspects of hotels, keeping track of ways to improve the company’s revenue and suggest business optimisation strategies that increase profit margins. It’s an essential role providing insights and recommendations to boost revenue and drive long-term sustainability.

What does a Revenue Analyst do?

  • Track incoming and outgoing revenue sources
  • Analyse financial data to find trends and patterns
  • Measure financial cycles and provide recommendations and reporting
  • Help determine where new strategies should be applied to drive revenue

Director of Sales and Marketing

Drive sales and identify new markets to promote organisational growth.

Lead and identify new markets, marketing opportunities and sales territories to drive business growth. As a Director of Sales and Marketing, you will oversee a hotel’s initiatives in these areas, focusing on encouraging increased patronage and memorable customer experiences. It’s a role that’s essential to both existing and emerging, ensuring the dynamic customer expectations of the 21st century are being met.

What does a Director of Sales and Marketing do?

  • Set business development objectives through sales and marketing goals
  • Establish quotes, manage budgets and evaluate sales performance
  • Lead marketing teams in positioning the hotel above its competitors
  • Take responsibility for daily sales, rental revenue and market performance
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