Top 5 most unique stays and accommodations in Australia

Unique stays in Australia

Australia is home to some of the world's most unique accommodations. Discover and check out our top 5 picks for accommodation in Australia.

There are so many exciting places for all your long weekend adventures and perhaps some inspired #careergoals for all our aspiring hoteliers. Check out some of our favourite picks below.

1. Silky Oaks Lodge Treehouse

Australia is home to some of the most incredible remaining old growth rainforests in the world. What better way to enjoy this amazing natural heritage than from the comfort of a luxury treehouse nestled high among the branches?

Silky Oaks Lodge, located within the lush Daintree Rainforest of Far North Queensland, was named world’s best treehouse accommodation in 2017 and for many good reasons, including the stunning tropical surroundings. Private deck with a stone bathtub, open air shower looking out into the trees and architecturally impeccable design: these are just a few features of the luxury treehouses on offer.

Then, there’s the food. Coconut waffles with local pawpaw and banana for breakfast, followed by gourmet meals of locally sourced produce for lunch and dinner. The Treehouse fine dining Restaurant offers a menu of delectable items and local wines, with ingredients, such as Mt. White finger lime, red dragon fruit, pandan and tamarind, all grown in the nearby kitchen garden.

2. Notel Melbourne

Looking for an urban adventure in Australia’s vibrant cultural capital? Notel Melbourne is your answer.

Notel is not a hotel. It’s actually six classic vintage Airstream caravans that have been lifted by crane onto a rooftop car park, in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD. The car park has been renovated into a colourful, minimalist courtyard with a view of spray-painted walls that’s perfect for summer parties and barbecues.

As if that wasn’t adventurous enough, guests also have to figure out for themselves how to get in; there’s no concierge, just a security code, and the only clue is that it’s a door near a cafe.

3. Zoofari

Imagine waking up to a herd of giraffes wandering past your tent, just outside of Dubbo. You can make that imagination a reality, book a night's accommodation at Zoofari.

Located alongside the Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s African Savannah, the Zoofari lodges offer an incredible up-close view of giraffes and antelopes as they wander across the plains, from the comfort of your luxury, safari-style tent accommodation. Guests can also swim in the salt water pool or sign up for exclusive guided tours and kids’ activities.

4. Pumphouse Point

Right out on the end of a long wooden pier in the middle of pristine and moody Lake St. Clair in Tasmania, you’ll find the Pumphouse Point hotel. Built within an old decommissioned pumping station built back in the 1930s, this charming old building has since been stylishly renovated into a luxury wilderness getaway. Of course, every room has water views.

Over two hours from Hobart, the hotel is splendidly isolated and surrounded by untouched nature. Guests can engage in any number of activities including boating, massages, hiking, bicycle tours and of course wining and dining in their exceptional restaurant. Staff will even prepare gourmet picnics for guests to take on their adventures into nature.

5. Bubbletent Australia

If you’ve ever wanted to nod off to sleep while looking at the stars from the comfort of a bed that’s literally inside a giant bubble, Bubbletent Australia is your dream come true. These giant, clear bubble glamping tents offer a full 360-degree view of the sky above and the incredible Blue Mountains region landscape below.

Bubbletent offer three different stay options: Leo, Virgo and Cancer. Each tent is located in the peaceful isolation of its own private field, and each one has a breath-taking hilltop view down into the cliffs and valleys of the surrounding mountains. Don’t forget to bring your star chart so you can find all the local constellations while snug under your blanket.

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