How upskilling can grow your career in the digital world

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We live in a digital world and, whether you’re a business leader, job seeker or self-improver, the smartest thing you can do right now is digital upskilling.

How to upskill today

It has been said that, when COVID-19 hit, it compressed the next five years’ worth of digital evolution into about eight weeks. Companies had to move quickly to shift operations online and pivot to develop new ways to run their business and serve customers. The companies that were best able to harness digital technology and nimble thinking were the ones that survived, or even improved, during the pandemic. 

Workers, too, had to upskill for the digital world in a hurry. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work, meaning everything from morning coffee meetings to site inspections was done online. This had huge implications for workers in every sector, and the ones who thrived were the ones who had maintained their digital upskilling. 

Two years later, demand is higher than ever for employees who have maintained or accelerated their upskilling, particularly with well-regarded digital upskilling courses.  

The good news is that professional digital upskilling has become faster, more accessible, and less expensive. These days, many prestigious education facilitators, such as Torrens University, offer short online courses designed to fit around your work schedule and lifestyle. Some take as little as a couple of hours, and will leave you with in-demand skills that help you grow your career in the digital world.


There has never been a better time for digital upskilling training – and there have never been more ways to do it, with a plethora of flexible digital education and training resources available to everyone. Gone are the days of putting your career on hold to gain a traditional three-year university qualification. Today’s education – a continuous, lifelong process – can be designed to fit around your life and work schedule. 

And while it isn’t always possible to future-proof your job, clever upskill training may help you future-proof your career. 

Upskilling in the workplace

If you’re currently running or working for a company, you may want to consider a personal or organisation-wide upskilling program. There are plenty of low-cost, high-reward ways to enhance skills across the board, such as our Smart Skills Digital Badges. 

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Designed to teach you industry’s most desired skills, these Digital Badges are endorsed by leading organisations, so you know your digital upskilling training is relevant and valuable. Each course is self-directed and taught 100 per cent online, making it the perfect option for full-time workers. Courses can be done wherever and whenever suits you, and they offer credit options into further study.

With a focus on transferable soft skills such as creativity, leadership, organisational change, digital innovation, communication, problem solving and teamwork, these courses will keep you future-ready and help your organisation navigate the digital age. 

Digital marketing upskilling

One example of continued education that can be invaluable to an organisation is an upskill in digital marketing. It’s extremely common to see older marketing practices simply cut and pasted onto new platforms – billboard-style advertisements on social media, for example – which simply doesn’t cut it in the digital world. 

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The Digital Marketing Essentials Digital Badge is designed to help you stay relevant in the changing marketing landscape, whatever industry you work in. This online upskill digital marketing course expands on your knowledge of digital marketing strategies and teaches you to leverage the latest trends and solutions. 

Taking just six to 12 hours to complete in your own time, completion of this course gives you a verifiable digital badge to share your qualification and digital expertise.

If you’re ready to boost your qualifications, increase your job security, future-proof your career and fully prepare yourself for the modern, digital world, explore our range of Digital Badge short courses.


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