Kezia’s designs textile for the Myer’s ‘Miss Shop Introduces’ Artist Pathways Program

Kezia Iskandar’s textile design for the Myer’s ‘Miss Shop Introduces’ Artist Pathways Program | Torrens University

Our emerging fashion designers won pitches to design an exclusive textile print for Myer in a collaboration that offered a “first break” into Australia’s highly competitive fashion industry.

Five of our Branded Fashion Design students and recent graduates working with Dave Snow, Design Manager for Women's Apparel, Footwear & Accessories, and Intimate & Active at Myer, in a prime example of why Torrens University is Industry’s University.

Dave Snow developed this program, which engaged young artists, to create real-life experiences that support, excite and expose emerging artists to the local market.

Introducing Kezia Iskandar - Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

In September, Kezia Iskandar was our second student to have a textile released in Miss Shop items, following Andrea Maurer. Over the course of the rest of the year Jasmine Matthews, Charlotte Davey, and Felixia Agartha will also celebrate their signature print releases.

“There are endless opportunities ahead but getting the first break is too often the hardest,” said Dave.

Kezia’s valuable career experience with Myer

Kezia is an Indonesian freelance artist and illustrator based in Sydney, Australia, who takes inspiration from pop culture and contrasting bold warm colours to create her signature style.

“One of the things that I love in textile design is the painting process which I got to do and it created this beautiful flow in the print,” said Kezia.

“I was very excited to participate in a collaborative project with Myer because textile design was one of my favourite subjects during my days studying at the Billy Blue College of Design Ultimo campus,” said Kezia. “I thought it was an incredible opportunity for me so I sent them my portfolio, and they liked it.”

Kezia’s signature textile print

For Kezia’s signature print, the idea was to create a “Santorini” inspired toile design. Working with Dave Snow within a real-world tight industry timeframe, and acting on specific feedback, they opted for a painterly look. To see how Kezia designed her textile, take a look at her Instagram keziasbeans.

“I think when it comes to being a good textile designer, you have to be able to capture different aesthetics really well and add your own twist to them. It was a challenge but with enough research, I was able to do it well and show my creativity as well.”

“It was the best feeling ever, I got to see the collection and the samples as well. It was great to see your work come to life.”

Kezia’s “Santorini” print is now live on Myer’s website in the linen ruched bust top and linen deep shirred waist midi skirt, and available in stores.

Kezia Iskandar’s textile design for the Myer’s ‘Miss Shop Introduces’ Artist Pathways Program | Torrens University

Kezia said it felt strange to see her face on a Myer name tag.

“To be honest with you it was unreal and very exciting to tell my story and to show my design to the world, including my friends and family.”

“I think they chose the perfect design for it, it’s beautiful to wear during spring or summer during the day or at night. The fabric feels light and comfortable perfect for the humid weather. The print is fun and versatile, and the two-piece can be styled in a lot of ways too. It is definitely a fun investment piece to have,” said Kezia who hopes her work can inspire fashion students into textile design.

“I know when you have a burning desire to achieve your goals everything will fall into place and those opportunities will show itself!”

The fashion industry's standards were no surprise for Kezia

Kezia said the experience was great, and the tight turnaround was something she was taught during her studies.

“I was able to handle it well,” said Kezia, who acknowledged her lecturers for preparing her for authentic industry standards. “After graduating from Billy Blue College of Design you will be more than ready to get your foot in the door.”

“My classes were all very comprehensive and all of Billy Blue's lecturers are very experienced in their field and showed us how tough it can be out in the real world.”

Planting seeds for her future in the fashion industry

“It's really amazing what you can achieve and the opportunities that are available to us with this modern-day technology,” said Kezia of her virtual meetings with Dave, who is based in Melbourne. “It really motivates me to think big and collaborate with international brands in the future.”

In the future, Kezia hopes to showcase her art to people that love her style of illustration and aspires to have her artwork printed on a range of everyday products that people around the world can take happiness from. 

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