Start your career in UX Design like Jade

Jade Krug

Bridging the gap between people and machines, Jade Krug uses her UX design skills to help society run more smoothly… especially when we’re shopping.

“I was ready to enter the real world upon commencing my degree and believe I was equipped with the right skills to begin my career,” reveals product designer Jade Krug. “When it came to studying at Billy Blue, I knew instantly that this degree would allow me to enter the digital world with an understanding of research, user experience and behaviour, psychology, innovation, interface design and experience design. It helps going into your first job with the skills and the desire to grow.”

Jade Krug

Ever ambitious, Jade has barely had time to draw breath since graduating with a Bachelor of Digital Media Design specialising in UX and web design. She went straight from Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia to London, where she designed Burberry's monogramming functionality. Back in Australia, she’s worked as a product designer for the Woolworths Group, focusing on technology that makes the shopping experience faster and easier, before sliding over to Aussie fintech company AfterPay.  

Jade has quickly developed a reputation for using design to create amazing digital experiences. “While studying, I always imagined I’d work for world-renowned tech companies,” she explains. “Given my determined nature and ambitious personality, I’ve really tried to maintain that trajectory and focus on those goals.”

Jade Krug

And naturally Billy Blue was there to support Jade on her journey. With innovation and creativity at the core of how we operate, Billy Blue sets up graduates to follow their own paths with confidence. This might mean providing connections and experience working on actual industry projects, building up a strong portfolio of design work, offering career-specific subjects or developing the theory and practice required to branch out as an entrepreneur.

It can also mean providing personalised attention to bring out the best in students, honing their creative tools and voice into commercially viable skills. Whatever your goals, we can help you find a career you love. 

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