Uncovering Morocco: a book inspired by an Interior Design study trip

Uncovering Morocco

Find out how the styles, decor and interiors encountered on a Billy Blue student study trip inspired 'Uncovering Morocco'.

In 2020, a group of 32 students from Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia embarked on a design study trip to Morocco, accompanied by lecturers Michele Wake, Sue Chen and myself, all interior design lecturers at our Brisbane campus. We immersed ourselves in a breathtaking world of exotic interiors, finishes and architecture, friendship and exploration. 

The best bit? This opportunity wasn’t reserved solely for Interior Design students. Those studying Communications, Fashion, Photography and Digital Design joined, too.  

With so much inspiration around us, we were compelled to document our journey. And so we have Uncovering Morocco: Materials and Finishes, now an Indie award-winning book. The book features a stunning collection of diverse architectural styles and designs, it’s a celebration of the beauty we encountered throughout Morocco. 

While there, we attended a retreat in Marrakesh led by interior designer Maryam Montague. Over a two-hour period, Maryam shared invaluable insights and career experiences. Through Maryam we were introduced to Project Soar, a non-profit organisation empowering teenage girls in the developing world. We’re honoured to allocate proceeds from Uncovering Morocco to this fantastic initiative.  

Sue, Interior Design alumna turned lecturer at Billy Blue, summarised her experience perfectly: 
“For me, it’s the stories you encounter when discovering the designs and history of the architecture in Morocco. Seeing how people live and hearing their stories, it really influences my design.” 

At Billy Blue, we’re all about providing students opportunities to put their learning into practice. It’s so important to be able to integrate experiences into designs. Which is exactly what our study-trip students did for a Work-Integrated Learning project they completed during their time in Morocco. Tapping into their adventures and drawing from inspiration around them resulted in some truly remarkable work.  

As soon as we get the go-ahead, we want to plan more of these experiences for our students, visiting places in Europe and the UK.  

As a lecturer who strives to inspire and lead the next generation of designers, it was rewarding to journey alongside our students and watch them learn, grow and flourish.

Watch Michele, Sue and myself reflect on the trip below:

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