What can you do with a Film and Video degree?

Film and Video degree student

Learn to capture that vision in your mind, translate it into a script, and then see those ideas come to life in 3D motion on the silver screen.

Imagine telling stories through acting, camera composition, movement and sound. How about making a film that moves an audience to tears or brings attention to an important issue affecting society? Are you ready to express yourself creatively as a film-maker?

At Torrens University we teach film. We write, shoot, direct and edit short films like you would expect at a traditional film school.  But, while we teach you the traditions of the silver screen, we focus on the broader opportunities that streaming services and content platforms provide. We recognise that audience tastes and expectations are changing, and you should too.

At Torrens University you will study audience behaviour. You will investigate the psychology of the moving image and you will apply persuasive media production techniques to 21st-century filmmaking practice. You will focus on content that has the power to shape communities and influence culture. You will use your creative powers for good.

We recognise that when you graduate, you will be competing in a world of media abundance and attention deficiency. We know it’s tough, but that’s why we’re here, to set you straight on your film journey. We teach you the skills to pitch ideas and communicate with clients, to build trust in your audience and to create interesting content that keeps you relevant.

What jobs can you get with a Film degree?

Become a freelance film producer

Some of our graduates choose to become independent creative producers. Equipped with a camera backpack and a laptop, they write interesting stories and shoot on location for a diverse range of media. They self-distribute and make content for every screen. They connect through technology and operate on an international stage. They use drones, action cameras and DLSR’s to get the job done.

Dan Braga

Read about Dan Braga's journey to International Film Director.

Work in the Film and TV industry

Some graduates choose to connect with creatives, working on larger projects for real clients. They find joy in collaboration and the freedom to specialise in areas they love including film editing, post-production, motion graphics, visual effects and sound design. They apply their skills to projects that extend beyond the creative industries and they reap the benefits of the network effect.

Get a video content creation job

At Torrens University you can study a Diploma of Film and Video. You should study a Diploma if you want to explore some of the exciting aspects of filmmaking in a shorter period of time. A Diploma is an excellent starting point for your journey into Film and Video and if you choose to go further, it provides you with a pathway into the Bachelor of Film and Video.

Tristan Klein's photo

Read about Tristan Klein's story as the co-creator of an animated series called ‘Rock Bottom’ that placed second at Tropfest.

Should I do a Film Producer course?

The Diploma of Film and Video is a comprehensive and practical education in film and video production. Throughout your studies, you will continue to elevate your skills until you have a portfolio of films. Choosing to study this degree gives you the time to find your creative voice, build a creative network and leverage your portfolio of films to raise your filmmaking profile. So, yes, a degree in film production will help you find a job in the film industry or get you started as a freelance film producer.

Whatever path you choose, we would love the opportunity to travel with you on your film and video journey.

At Torrens University there are many success stories from a range of graduates who continue to work on projects forged through these network opportunities.

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