Photography careers

Whether you’re interested in using a picture to tell a story in the world of photography careers, or wanting to be a part of the magic in film and video careers, there is an extensive choice of varied roles. Capture perfect moments with a snap, develop captivating digital productions or open yourself up to both options.


Focus on the art of taking photographs and capturing moments in time.

Equipped with specialist equipment and technical knowledge, as well as a creative eye, professional photographers craft the vision across a range of creative endeavours and events. Whether you are preserving a special moment, delving into the world of advertising or jumping into the action to capture live events, your photographic journey can lead you down many pathways.

What does a Photographer do?

  • Set up photoshoots across all kinds of events, venues and industries
  • Work with various technologies and settings to capture the perfect shot
  • Digitally enhance photographs using state-of-the-art photo-editing software
  • Use a range of tools, techniques and technologies to create atmosphere

Digital Video Producer/Videographer

Develop captivating digital content for a range of platforms.

Digital Video Producers work with businesses to create content for their websites and social media, cover live events, make advertisements and produce film and television content. Videographers with skill and passion are in high demand across a range of industries for their creative eye and ability to capture an audience with their storytelling.

What does a Digital Video Producer/Videographer do?

  • Produce video content which can be used in film, television, games, advertising and more
  • Use video editing software to turn raw footage into a polished narrative
  • Liaise with clients to ensure you’re telling their story in the best possible way
  • Learn something new every day as you work across a varied range of projects

Digital Producer

Be the creative mind producing dynamic digital content.

As a Digital Producer, you will be at the forefront of strategising, co-ordinating and supervising digital media projects. Digital Producers also bring their own skills to the table, specialising in interaction design, animation and motion design. Employment opportunities include enterprises launching new digital products, established companies who need their digital business departments managed or in a variety of projects as a freelancer.

What does a Digital Producer do?

  • Oversee all aspects of digital media production including promotional and instructional videos, website development and marketing duties
  • Strategise and design concepts, ensuring content is on-brand and in line with clients’ vision
  • Provide cost estimates and monitor budget requirements
  • Co-ordinate with project directors in ensuring schedules and quality of work are being upheld
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