Torrens University introduces new Psychological Science degree

Psychological Science degree student

In trimester 2 this year, Torrens University will welcome the first intake of students to our new online Bachelor of Psychological Science degree.

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. So, we have designed the course to give students the broad knowledge and real-world skills they’ll need when working with people in a variety of situations and in a wide range of fields.

What makes the new Psychological Science degree outstanding?

This degree will be flexible and adaptable, with a focus on employment outcomes - explains Lyn Campbell, Learning Facilitator and one of the designers of the new curriculum.

Students will develop critical thinking skills that will help to give them a broad perspective on their own lives as well as their work.

It will include some subjects from the Counselling and Community Services degrees, as well as others that are unique to this course. For example, there are electives that look at Human Resources, and subjects that explore the way Psychology theories can be applied to Marketing. There are also subjects that study how Psychology underlies communication. We've put in a Health and Wellbeing stream too, which includes personal wellbeing, self-care and resilience.’

New Psychological Science course meeting industry needs

‘While designing the Psychological Science curriculum we always listened to feedback from industry,’ Lyn explains. ‘We invited professionals from a variety of areas to join us at three product summits.

Through these summits, we gathered industry-based views on different aspects of the course. We had feedback from counsellors, people who work in HR, people who work in the wellness space, and many others, about what would add value to the degree.’

Why Torrens University is offering a Psychological Science degree to students

‘I think one reason why we decided to offer the degree was in response to what we all went through during the pandemic. It brought to the fore the issues many people have with their mental health and finding ways to manage life day to day. All of a sudden, our whole worldview changed and a lot of people struggled with that,’ says Lyn. ‘This course will explore ways to work with these people.

‘Also, we recognised the need to offer a course that would give our graduates Psychology skills that they can apply to many different fields. That’s why our connection with industry was vital when designing the curriculum.’

Introducing the Learning Facilitator for the Bachelor of Psychological Science

Lyn Campbell has been a Learning Facilitator at Torrens University since 2019. ‘I have taken on the role of developing and coordinating the academic documentation for the Bachelor of Psychological Science degree with Executive Dean, Professor Matthew Mundy.’

‘I have qualifications to research level in Psychology as well as qualifications in Education. Through my own studies and in my years of teaching, I believe I have a sound understanding of both the academic and practical skills that students will need when they graduate. I'm passionate about teaching and helping students to understand new fields of study, and to encourage them to stay motivated.

What benefits will the Psychological Science course bring to students?

This is a fresh new course with a different focus from what we expected from Psychological Science degrees in the past.

‘When I think of my own experience as an undergraduate, it often seemed that statistics were all that mattered. In this course, students will still learn about stats, but they will be embedded in the context of subjects as a whole. That way, students can really see their relevance. Our students will also develop strong research skills and the ability to analyse data.’

Who will be teaching Psychological Science at Torrens University?

The academics teaching this course will have qualifications in Psychology as well as being experienced teachers. They will also come with expertise from a variety of fields. So they can show through their own careers that students can follow many different paths when they graduate.

Find out more about the new Bachelor of Psychological Science degree here:

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