The Most Obvious Signs You Are Meant For A Career In Hospitality

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Ever wonder if you are right for the hospitality industry? Read about some key signs that you are born to be a part of an incredible and diverse industry. International career opportunities, fruitful industry connections and unbeatable experiences. Apply Now.

Like most industries, there are the people who will make it big time, and there are the people who should – to put it nicely –  just move on and try something else.

The reality of the hospitality industry is that it is not for everyone. Some people can’t handle it. It is just too much.

Others were born for the industry; natural born leaders, creative and adventurous people who will create an incredible career for themselves. At William Blue, we can spot these people a mile away. But you might find these traits a little hard to identify in yourself…so here at the most obvious signs that you are meant for a career in hospitality.

You can never “just order”

Your friends can sometimes be a little embarrassed to go out for a drink or a simple meal with you. Because for you it is never “simple”. You want to chat with the bartender about their cocktail list and find out why they are using Blanco Tequila over Reposado Tequila. You read every single item on the menu and then have to ask the whole table what they are going to order, just to make sure that you all get to taste a bit of everything. You allow the waiter or waitress to serve your food and then go around the table and unpack the dishes for your friends, explaining the flavour combinations, commenting on the plating and even giving the table a quick bio of the chef. That being said, while your friends and family roll their eyes at you while your fan-girl over the food, they would never pick a restaurant without running all their booking by you. After all, you do know the best places to eat in town, at any budget, on any day of the week.

Poor customer service = your enemy

Nothing bugs you more than poor customer service. Everywhere you go you expect that people do their best to help you. It really gets under your skin when the retail assist doesn’t welcome you to the store, or if the waiter doesn’t smile back at you, or if the medical receptionist doesn’t respond politely when you ask where the bathroom is. In your opinion, you believe that all who work in customer service roles should aim for perfection in their interactions with people. Those who have these kinds of roles should always aim to be polite, respectful and helpful, and anything less than that is not good enough! Service should not be in any way discriminatory, rude or apathetic and it makes you very mad when you see someone who is experience judgement or resentment just for asking a question to the person who is responsible for answering them. You would never, ever, make someone feel like they are an inconvenience.

You need a cherry on top

Look, we are not saying that you the kind of person who always looking for hand-outs. But you are pretty happy when you can get a little something extra for your effort! When you become part of the hospitality industry you start networking with some really experienced, connected and wonderful people who are always willing to share the love. Having friends in all corners of the world can lead to international travel, tickets to the best shows, the best seats at popular & waitlisted restaurants, mates-rates on hotel rooms and the list goes on. But most importantly, you have access to some incredible career path opportunities. The conveniences and luxuries created from hospitality roles will really make you excited! You love a good “cherry on top” but you know that these benefits must be earned – they are not just given. You know that you get out what you put in, and so you are willing to work for the perks.

You LOVE to make people happy!

You are the kind of person that your friends describe as caring, giving, warm and generous. Nothing gives you more joy than to see all of your friends around a table sharing good food and banter, laughing happily and having a great time. You can’t help but smile when you see others smile, and on the flip side, if you see someone sad or upset you do everything in your power to help that person. The need to promote happiness and blissfulness is one of, if not the biggest, sign that you are born to be in this industry. You may start in a basic role just getting in and doing what you need to do to build your career. But nothing will propel your career quicker than being a polite, good-natured and hard-working person, who is always aiming to deliver an amazing experience for those around them.

Variety is paramount

The mere thought of a job where you have to live the same day twice stresses you out!

You can not get your head around sitting down all day, every day, working with the same situations and people week in, week out. No way. You need to take charge of your career and make an amazing life for yourself! In hospitality, you will never experience two identical days. Every day brings new people, events and situations into your life. The only thing you will do every day is to attempt to make people happy. Hospitality will help you fulfil your dream of a fast-paced, evergreen and always changing work life. You are a people-person! So you need a variety of people and situations to make you truly feel inspired and satisfied in your work. You want to travel and see different things, you want to experience new cultures and push yourself to try strange and wonderful things.


You haven’t got the time to live the same day twice, so why waste any more time when you should be starting your career in Hospitality with William Blue. The signs are all there so Apply Now!

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