5 key criteria for choosing the right Hospitality degree

Hospitality degree key criteria

Choosing a hospitality or tourism management degree? Consider career goals, course duration, accessible entry pathways, flexible delivery options, and industry connections for a successful career.

Are you thinking about setting yourself up for a career in hospitality or tourism management, but you’re not sure which course is the right one for you?

One thing is for certain; it’s a great time for a career in hospitality or tourism. The global hospitality industry is thriving with an estimated growth rate of a remarkable 10.24% through 2028, as hotels, restaurants and bars are once again operating at full capacity. Plus, the ongoing global shortage of skilled hospitality professionals makes it an ideal time for individuals looking to embark on a hospitality or tourism career.

In fact, the hospitality industry ranks high on the Forbes List of Five Top Industries for Job Seekers in 2023. To make the most of these opportunities, you need to choose the right education. Here are five detailed criteria to help you choose the perfect hospitality and tourism management degree for your needs:

1. Career goals

The best way to begin is to define a starting point for your career goals. Do you want to work in restaurant management or inflight cabin crew, or to just explore the broader hospitality industry? Are you passionate about topics such as sustainability, wellness, food or providing memorable experiences to customers? What drives you to find a career in hospitality?

Understanding your personal objectives is crucial because different roles require specialised knowledge and skills. For instance, if your passion lies in sustainable tourism, you might consider programs that offer courses, subjects or specialisations related to sustainable management within the hospitality industry.

2. Study duration and workload

Hospitality degrees of different types come in various lengths, and some courses even offer flexible degree pathways to fast-track your education. Plus, courses can usually be completed at different levels of intensity, such as part-time, full-time or accelerated, which will also affect the duration of your course. For example, a part-time course will allow you the flexibility of more working hours per week but will take longer overall to complete.

When you choose your hospitality management course, do your research on all the different study options, and consider how much time you are willing to invest in your education, based on your personal career goals.

Torrens University Australia offers three main Hospitality and Tourism Management courses, and each offers a variety of flexible options for course duration and intensity.

Diploma of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management): This foundational program is perfect for those seeking an introduction to the world of hospitality and tourism. It covers essential skills, including human resources, promotions, and communication. Graduates are well-prepared for medium-level management roles in the industry. You can complete this course online, on campus, or a combination of both. The Diploma also serves as a pathway for those looking to fast-track into advanced studies. The Diploma:

  • Can be completed in 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time or 2 trimesters accelerated
  • Offers a direct fast-track pathway into the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management) with 8 out of the 24 subjects credited

Associate Degree of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management): If you aim to take on senior roles in hospitality, this program combines business management, leadership, and marketing fundamentals with specific hospitality knowledge and skills. You gain real-world experience through a global network of restaurant, hospitality, and tourism industry partners. This comprehensive course can be completed online, on campus, or through a blend of both, offering flexibility to suit your career progression. The Associate Degree:

  • Can be completed in 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time or 4 trimesters accelerated
  • Offers a direct fast-track pathway into the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management) with 16 out of the 24 subjects credited

Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management): Ideal for a well-rounded education in hospitality and tourism, this program covers core hospitality and tourism concepts and explores marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation on a global scale. You can complete this course online, on campus, or through a combination of both. Graduates emerge with a solid foundation in hospitality management and a focus on business practices. This program is suited for those seeking a broader understanding of the industry. The Bachelor:

  • Can be completed in 3 years full-time, 6 years part-time, or 2 years accelerated.

3. Accessible entry pathways

Each type of course demands a different set of entry criteria. Some programs may have lower entry criteria making them more accessible, while others may be more competitive or rigid, and require specific qualifications. Plus, if you’re an international student you may not have access to the whole suite of courses that an institution offers, or you may be required to prove a certain level of academic English.

Make sure you read the entry requirements carefully, to ensure you’re eligible for the course you really want. However, if you don’t immediately meet the criteria for your course, don’t panic. Do your research: some courses offer different pathways into a degree program even when you don’t meet the basic criteria.

For example, you could be eligible to get into our Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management) even if you never completed high school or received an ATAR. With this degree, there are several accessible pathways to entry:

  • If you have completed a qualification at a minimum Diploma level
  • If you have completed at least a year of full-time study at least an Associate Degree level
  • If you can even just demonstrate having the ability to study by showing a history of relevant work or life experience.

4. Flexible study options

Flexibility in course delivery is essential for many hospitality and tourism management course students who are often juggling long hours, busy working schedules or family commitments. If you’re going to find it difficult to show up on campus every day, you may want to choose a course that offers an online or blended option.

At Torrens University, the Diploma, Associate Degree and Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management) all offer on-campus, blended or fully online course delivery options. The flexibility of these programs accommodates a range of learning preferences depending on your needs, from entirely online to a combination of online and on-campus learning.

5. Industry connections and work placements

When selecting a program, it’s also important to consider the strength of the institution's industry connections. Institutions with strong ties to the hospitality industry often provide valuable opportunities for internships, job placements, and networking events that you couldn’t access otherwise. These connections can be invaluable for gaining practical experience, making industry contacts, and enhancing your job prospects upon graduation.

Programs that facilitate internships can also be particularly beneficial for your career development, so look for courses that have work placements or internships built into the course. For example, as part of the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management), you are required to complete 300 hours of real-world, industry-relevant experience, which can be completed through one of the university’s industry partners, including, Marriott, Accor, IHG, Hilton, Hyatt and range of others.

Select the program that aligns with your time commitment and provides the depth of knowledge you desire for your career path.

Just remember to take a thoughtful approach when choosing your hospitality or tourism courses, and you can’t go wrong. With the above five criteria in mind, you'll be well-prepared to select the right course that aligns with your aspirations and paves the way for a successful career in this exciting industry.

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