How a young professional changed careers with Billy Blue at Torrens University

Karen Song

Karen Song, graduated with a Diploma of Graphic Design from Torrens University in 2020.

"I have lived and studied in China, Japan, America and Australia. Before studying graphic design, I have worked in the marketing industry for five years. My passion for graphic design, illustration and marketing branding led me to pursue my future career as a Graphic Designer. I am also a versatile and curious person who enjoys painting, photography, piano and dance."

We “met” Karen recently for a further interview after she embarks on the new journey in 2021.

Q1.  What was your first job in your design career?

My first design job was offered through the Industry Portfolio Review that I joined in my last semester. One of the design studios gave me a part-time job opportunity after she saw my portfolio.

Q2. What did you love about your career as a designer?

I think I am a curious person who is always keen to learn new things and explore the world. I believe designing work is like discovering the world, which makes me excited and  joyous.

Q3. Did you always have a clear idea about your career path?

No, I grew up with my parents' expectations, so I worked in the marketing industry before studying graphic design. But I found out I love creation more, so I tried to change my career path as a graphic designer.

Q4. What are some of your passions in life?

1. Different culture and value: I was born in China, but I have lived in different countries for the past ten years. I have lived in Japan for four years, the United States for one year and Australia for three years. I enjoy meeting new people, exploring a new part of the world and experiencing a different culture.

2. Art and design: I have learned dancing, playing piano and drawing since I was little. I always take art as my hobby, and now I finally can work as a designer.

Q5. What challenging experiences have you had during your career?

My work experience has improved my ability to manage client expectations, as well as my time management skills. The Diploma prepared me well for things like this. 

Q6. Out of all the experiences at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia, which did you like the most? which were the most important to achieve your career goals?

I learned many skills when I was studying there; I really enjoy the practical class, professional lecturers and industry connection opportunities.

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