3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

Torrens University 3 Minute Thesis (3MT)

The 3 Minute Thesis celebrates the exciting research conducted by PhD students worldwide, cultivating students’ academic, presentation and research communication skills.

What is a 3 Minute Thesis (3MT)?

Started by the University of Queensland, the Three Minute Thesis competition (3MT®) is an international competition for higher degree research candidates to showcase their work in an intelligent, accessible and engaging manner – using everyday language.

Students in the final stages of their PhD introduce their research and share the value created in just under three minutes, with just one PowerPoint slide. Here, there is no room for long academic explanations. The focus is on convincing a non-specialist audience why their work matters to the world, in as little time as possible.

The winner of the university’s internal competition then competes in the Asia Pacific final, which is open to Universities in Australia, New Zealand, South-East and North-East Asia and is held at the University of Queensland each year.

This is the first year Torrens University has participated, and we're excited to announce the winner of the Torrens University 3MT competition for 2022 is Katharyn Cullen.

Torrens University 3MT 2022 Winner - Katharyn Cullen, PhD Candidate

Katharyn is currently completing her Doctor of Philosophy. Her doctoral work is titled “Using Linguistic Lenses to improve classroom instruction: An instructional approach which promotes a deep understanding of words”. Katharyn’s 3MT presentation is titled “Linguistic Lenses - A toolbox for teachers and school leaders”.

We wish Katharyn all the very best in the Asia Pacific finals where she will be competing against candidates from universities in Australia, New Zealand, South-East and North-East Asia. The finals will be held online led by The University of Queensland on the 19th of October 2022. Special acknowledgement must be given to Damien Mills, Tim Trevail and Roberto Aparicio, who should be highly commended for their entries.

Vote Katharyn for People's Choice

This year a People's Choice wildcard place is available. The People's Choice winner will progress to the Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT finals. You can place a People's Choice vote for Katharyn online before 6 October.

Why participate in the 3MT competition?

This thesis competition provides enormous value to HDR candidates in helping them to develop their presentation and communication skills, crucial for a successful career post PhD.

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