Torrens University highlights from the 2024 CAUTHE Conference

2024 CAUTHE Conference

Torrens University excelled at the CAUTHE Conference with groundbreaking research, leadership roles, and notable accolades, affirming its strength in hospitality education. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge education in the field.

The Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) serves as a unifying force for professionals dedicated to advancing tourism, hospitality, and events research and higher education throughout Australia and New Zealand. An integral part of CAUTHE's annual agenda is the research conference, which serves multiple purposes: facilitating informative and thought-provoking discussions on recent methodological innovations, refining research quality through peer feedback, fostering dialogue with industry, government, and community stakeholders, and promoting networking and collaboration within and beyond the sector.

The recent CAUTHE Conference provided an opportunity for the Torrens University Tourism and Hospitality Research and Practice cluster to showcase our remarkable achievements and milestones in ground-breaking research and collaboration.

One of the standout features of the conference was the presentation of seven working papers by Torrens University team members, including Tomos Newkirk, Sam Vivas Imparato, Martyna Zaczek, Dr Moises Vera, Dr Amanda Ting, and Dr Anita Manfreda. Covering a diverse array of topics, such as hospitality leadership and workforce, sustainable luxury, and destination management, these papers received enthusiastic responses from delegates, underscoring their quality, significance, and impact on the tourism and hospitality industry.

In addition to paper presentations, many cluster members actively participated in the inaugural meeting of the Workforce and Employment Special Interest Group, demonstrating a commitment to addressing pertinent issues within the field and driving meaningful discourse. Furthermore, significant leadership appointments were announced within the association, with Torrens University representatives assuming key roles, including CAUTHE secretary and PhD/ECR liaison.

2023 CAUTHE research commendation

Notably, Dr Anita Manfreda received the 2023 CAUTHE Fellows Early Career Research commendation, while Dr Rajka Presbury and Dr Anita Manfreda were honoured with the 2023 Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management Best Paper Award, highlighting the cluster's impactful contributions to the academic community.

The conference provided an invaluable opportunity for Torrens University academics to connect with international colleagues, industry partners, and fellow researchers, fostering new connections and nurturing existing relationships. It underscored Torrens Hospitality team’s strength, relevance, and forward-thinking approach within the broader academic landscape.

Torrens University academics at 2024 CAUTHE Conference

Looking ahead, Torrens University’s Hospitality academics remain committed to fostering collaborations and making meaningful contributions to the tourism and hospitality field, which they bring into the classroom and ensure students are getting the best, most cutting-edge education.

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