Three Reasons Why You Should Apply For A Scholarship


Think scholarships are reserved for A+++ students? Incorrect. Beyond academic performance, Torrens University Australia pays as much attention to passion, talent, drive, work/life experience, study history, community spirit and personal circumstances. When it comes to scholarships in Australia, there’s a huge range of eligibility criteria, a bunch of benefits attached to scoring one… and a stack of reasons why you should apply.

1. Because you are the future

If you ask us, everyone deserves an education – and that’s why we’re here to support your studies from start to success. At Torrens University, we believe in the transformative power of education. In 2020 alone, we provided $43 million in scholarships, opening doors to opportunity everywhere. Investing in you means investing in our future: the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

2. There’s something for everyone

We’ve got an extensive suite of 20% scholarships for domestic students and Australian residents, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. With Business, Creative Technology, Design, Education, Health, Hospitality and Nursing scholarships awarded year after year, we’re serious about providing the support you need so you can focus on studying for a career you love.

3. You’ll make connections

We’re all about connecting you with people who can help shape your future and develop your professional identity. As a scholarship student, you’ll have a range of opportunities to establish relationships with academics and industry leaders. That translates to mentorship, plus academic, workplace and research opportunities. You’ll also be one of many scholarship recipients, who can offer support, guidance – and friendship. From fellow students to industry contacts, networking is a big bonus at uni and beyond.

At Torrens University, we proudly support anyone with a thirst to learn. Our Indigenous scholarships help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people pursue higher education, while our Industry and Alumni scholarships assist anyone seeking to advance their careers. We offer scholarships for international students in Australia as well as those offshore and studying online, plus a Tertiary Access Payment (TAP) program for regional and remote students.

No matter your area of interest, our scholarships are designed to help you make the right decisions for your academic future. Find the option that’s right for you, check your eligibility, then apply. A scholarship from us will give you a whole lot more than just a reduction in tuition fees.

Apply for one of our scholarships today. Applications close one week prior to intake start date.

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