4 reasons to study Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing


Media Design School (MDS) at Torrens University have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM to bring the future to you with new course offerings in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing.

Media Design School (MDS) at Torrens University have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM to bring the future to you with new course offerings in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing.

“The MDS launch of this suite of degrees coincides with the World Economic Forum’s announcement that Cloud computing and AI are the two most in-demand (hard) skills of 2019, while creativity is the most in-demand soft skill (according to analysis by LinkedIn).”

We spend a lot of time thinking about the future, wondering what the world will be like in five, ten or even fifteen years. We are constantly preparing for the future; learn this, read this, understand how this works and buy that – but what we don’t realise is that the future is already here.

Technology has, and will continue to change at a rapid pace. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing have become a part of the fabric of society; a kind of glue connecting us all. Media Design School (MDS) at Torrens University Australia has joined forces with IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give you the chance to be a part of the new wave of Software Engineers, right here in Australia – introducing our new suite of Bachelor degrees and Post-Graduate programs in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

So, why study Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing?

At MDS we are no strangers to breaking rules, challenging the norm and creating armies of technical and innovative problem-solvers ready to take on whatever the future has in store for them. A future that, we and many others, believe will be dominated by AI and Cloud Computing.

We already live in a word where these concepts have been seamlessly introduced and embedded in our everyday lives we almost don’t notice. Let’s dive in and see.

1. The rising demand for predictive text

We have all been there, standing packed tight on a bus trying to craft a text to your friend saying you’ve got an ‘appointment’ you forgot about so you can’t catch up and your trusty smartphone gives you the word options to simply click so you don’t even have to stress about typing it. These words are getting smarter and adapting to your behaviour, thanks to AI.

2. Personalised product recommendations

Have you ever been scrolling on an online store and somehow serendipitously come across the perfect item in the recommended list or an ad?

Well I hate to break it to you, it wasn’t fate or a sign from the universe that you need it – the retailer is using AI to capture data and information about your purchasing habits to craft a suite of curated items they know you want before even you know you want it.

3. The never-ending need for more virtual storage

This one really speaks for itself – we live in a world obsessed with capturing every moment. Your phone may only have 60(ish)GB of storage, not enough room for the hour-long video of your latest Cardi B festival experience, so you back it up to the cloud. Or how about when you get a new phone, and with a simple email and password you can restore your contacts, pictures and meme collection straight onto your new device, thanks to the cloud.

4. We can’t live without it

Let’s be honest, AI and Cloud Computing are everywhere. Here are some examples of each that we guarantee you can’t live without: Google Drive, Google Home, Google Docs, Google everything, Siri, Alexa, the Google Assistant, Chatbots, Skype, WhatsApp, Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram… do we need to continue? 


A career in A.I. or cloud computing awaits

Now is your chance to start a career in the exciting world of AI and cloud computing. MDS at Torrens University Australia is offering a Bachelor of Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence, or a Master of Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence (Advanced) or Cloud Computing (Advanced). If you don’t think you’re ready to commit to a whole degree, you can opt for micro-credentials and attain specific elements of learning from either of the programs.

Our courses work to foster the relationship between creativity, technicality, problem-solving and project management. A relationship where STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) are emphasised to better inform the critical thinking and world view of our students as graduates in an ever-changing world.

According to Forbes, the Cloud Computing and AI industry is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $126B in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 19% per year until at least 2026. Oh, and we thought we’d mention the median salary for Cloud Computing professionals last year was a casual US$146,350.

Research firm Wikibon also predicts that by 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will reach $43B in revenue, and be 8.2% of all cloud spending – coincidently, AWS is the authorised partner company that will deliver the course programs.

Applications for February intake are closing soon, to start studying on February 25 apply today.

About Media Design School at Torrens University

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