Cloud Computing & AI: Preparing for the jobs of tomorrow

Preparing for the jobs of tomorrow

We're now offering authorised Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing courses and data science courses by IBM, designed to help you gain the skills needed to successfully join the cloud IT workforce.

We knew 2019 was going to be big, but not this big. At the end of last year the team at Torrens University Australia (TUA) we working on a collaboration of a lifetime. We have, and always will be, dedicated to bringing a world-class education to Australian students, and our latest collaboration is proof of that.

Torrens University and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

TUA are now offering authorised Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing courses and data science courses by IBM, designed to help students acquire the skills and credentials needed to successfully join the cloud IT workforce. In addition, we’re launching specific programs in AI, having partnered with IBM to design courses that will arm graduates with the technical acumen and core soft skills required for a successful career in AI.

Students can now study a Master of Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence Advanced or Cloud Computing Advanced, or a Bachelor of Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence. Alternatively, they can opt for micro-credentials and attain specific elements of learning from either of the programs.

Why AI and cloud computing you ask?

The programs’ launch coincides with the World Economic Forum’s announcement that cloud computing and AI are the two most in-demand (hard) skills of 2019, while creativity is the most in-demand soft skill (according to analysis by LinkedIn).

Artificial intelligence

In line with the changing landscape of the tech industry, our artificial intelligence courses, in partnership with IBM, have been designed to provide technical, creative and problem-solving skills required to succeed in a specialist software engineering role.

Our courses cover a range of technical subjects that focus on all the major areas of AI – computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning and robotics.

“Our AI program will have a strong focus on soft skills, to ensure students graduate with not only the required knowledge, but also the in-demand skills of ideation, design thinking, project and time management and interpersonal communication,” Mr Khanna said.

It has been predicted that that AI will be the most significant change driver over the next two decades, with 2.3 million jobs expected to appear as early as 2020(2), and industry feedback indicates a significant shortage of employees demonstrating both technical prowess and an ability to think critically and creatively.

Cloud computing

Imagine the possibilities of studying with the AWS Academy, you have the power to acquire and expand the skills and credentials needed for careers in cloud computing technology and be prepared with industry-recognised AWS Certifications. You have the opportunity to learn about cloud computing through creative interactive learning, lab work and state-of-the-art digital educational materials. On top of all that, the courses will be taught by AWS Academy Accredited Instructors, who are trained by AWS to help students become proficient in AWS services and solutions and prepare graduates and professionals at all levels to advance their careers in cloud computing technologies and business transformation.

“We are proud to be among the first institutions globally to make AWS Academy curriculum available to our students,” said Himanshu Khanna, Director of Innovation, Industry and Employability. “Cloud computing has become the new normal for organisations around the world, and the technical skills that students develop through this program will position them well for their careers today and in the future.”

We are strengthening our commitment to student outcomes and employability by working with global brands like Amazon Web Services and IBM. Our students will undertake meaningful learning experiences and cover content that will set them up for successful careers in this growing field,” Mr Khanna said.

Cloud technology, along with mobile internet, is predicted to be the top technological driver of job changes in the next few years(3) and industry trends indicate an imminent significant shortage of graduates.

Torrens Universities’ Australian industry partner, Datacom, believes in the importance of applying creativity to technology, in order to help organisations unlock new opportunities to transform the way they do business and serve their customers. “We have been hiring [Torrens University] graduates for the past few years and we’re extremely excited about their new artificial intelligence and cloud computing degrees. We were actively consulted during the program development and we’re really looking forward to their design-based approach to technology showing through future graduates,” said Husain Al-Badry, Datacom’s General Manager Innovation and CX.


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