Applejack Hospitality and Torrens University announce exciting collaboration

Applejack Hospitality

Torrens University and Applejack Hospitality share a commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the hospitality sector.

MEDIA RELEASE | 5 December

Torrens University, renowned for its innovative and accessible education, and Applejack Hospitality, a prominent name in the hospitality industry, are thrilled to work together in a collaboration which will ensure students are primed for fulfilling and impactful careers in hospitality.

Merging Applejack Hospitality's expertise and Torrens University's progressive educational approach, Hospitality course students will benefit immensely from an enriched curriculum, infused with invaluable insights from Applejack's seasoned professionals. This fusion of academic and industry expertise will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving industry demands.

Students will also gain invaluable hands-on experience through training at Applejack's renowned establishments, guided by industry experts. Guest lectures and workshops led by Applejack's experts will offer students unique insights into the intricate operations of the hospitality world.

Applejack Hospitality extends higher education opportunities

Recognising the pivotal role played by their staff, Applejack Hospitality will extend support through emerging leadership programs and the opportunity to pursue higher education at Torrens University. This initiative underscores their commitment to nurturing and empowering their employees, providing them with the tools and knowledge required to advance their careers within the dynamic hospitality industry.

This partnership signifies their dedication to not only enhancing their staff's skills and career prospects but also pushing the boundaries of hospitality education, ensuring that, students and staff alike are well-prepared to excel in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Darryn Melrose, Chief Marketing Officer of Torrens University, said “ The collaboration between Torrens University and Applejack Hospitality represents a noteworthy achievement in our joint dedication to cultivating innovation and excellence within the hospitality sector. Torrens University, known for its innovative and accessible education, is delighted to join forces with Applejack Hospitality, a prominent name in the industry. This collaboration is a testament for both parties to advancing hospitality industry engagement and providing students with a transformative learning experience.”

Joanna Steuart, Applejack's Director of Marketing and Partnerships, emphasises, "Our partnership with Torrens University goes beyond a blend of education and industry; it's a dedication to shaping the future trailblazers of the hospitality sector. We're focused on equipping them with the essential skills to excel in our ever-evolving industry. We look forward to unlocking potential alongside the remarkable team at Torrens University, reinforcing hospitality as an exciting career path."

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