How Digital Badges are earning me industry recognition

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Parneet Kaur is a student mentor at Torrens University Australia. She recently completed her Master of Business Information Systems, and as one of the highest-performing graduates, it’s no surprise she’s passionate about professional development. Right now, Parneet has three Smart Skills Digital Badges and says since she shared them on her LinkedIn profile, she’s getting noticed.

Where did you hear about the Digital Badges?

I heard about them through university email, and later while visiting the university website I came across all the badges and short courses.

How did you find the process of signing up for and completing the Digital Badges?

As I was already a student with Torrens University, there was not much effort required. I just needed to fill in some basic details, then click on the badges I wanted to access them. The badges contain relevant exercises, examples and material that allow the learner to do the course easily, without any third-party help. In addition, learners can take their time to complete the badges, as they are not time-bound. I was able to leave and resume the course at that same section, which is super-convenient.

Which Smart Skills Digital Badge did you choose first to start this journey?

I selected Digital Innovation Essentials, as I found it much more relevant to the IT field.

Why did you decide to do the course?

In the last trimester of my studies I was left with only two subjects, so I took advantage of this opportunity and enrolled in the badges. Moreover, my earlier experiences of doing short courses with Torrens University – and receiving credentials for those courses – motivated me to do so. Plus, the badges are provided free of cost for Torrens University students, so I didn’t want to miss such a great opportunity. I’m also well aware that today’s industry demands such skills – and these skills/badges are backed by recognised certificates.

Did you enjoy the content? Can you apply the knowledge to your current career path/job?

I liked the content because the exercises and material were appropriate and relevant. Most importantly, I liked the expert insights, as they taught me what it’s really like in my industry.

So far, I have earned three badges, which have not only provided me confidence, but also helped me during my studies, as well as be an effective student mentor. The Digital Innovation Essentials badge, I think, is the must-have credential for all ICT candidates. I strongly believe that through this badge I have gained important knowledge across many significant topics, strategies and methodologies. While the Interpersonal & Workplace Essentials badge is designed in such a way that benefits all individuals across all professions.

The third badge I earned, Championing Organisational Change & Driving Impact, taught me strategies which I will no doubt apply at my future workplaces, to help organisations facilitate change and gain competitive advantages. I am already using some of the concepts learnt during the course, especially in my current role as a mentor to support students.

Did you find the platform easy to navigate? Did you like the fact that these courses are offered 100% online and available any time?

The platform is very user-friendly. The system automatically records your progress, and there is a dashboard that outlines the number of courses you’re enrolled in, your completed course list and the progress status of each. As these courses are online, they’re easy to do from anywhere, at any time. Currently, I am enrolled in two badges, which I am doing simultaneously, so I can resume whichever badge I want, which is very convenient.

What was one thing about the course that you really enjoyed?

I enjoyed two things: one was the industry expert insights, thoughts and experiences, and the other was the small exercises and self-check quizzes at the end of each chapter. They enabled me to know where I stood and how much I had learned – which eventually made me feel more confident.

Have you shared your badge/s? If so, where? Do you think this has any value?

I have shared my badges on LinkedIn. I am now being noticed by many because of these badges, and I have been approached by students who are interested in earning their own. I believe these badges help you stand out from the rest.


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What would you say to fellow students about the badges?

I would suggest everyone, irrespective of their trade and program, take advantage of these badges and the short courses attached to them. Having a badge to share on your social media platforms, and mention in your CV, is going to give you a competitive advantage.


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