Torrens University and Community Centres SA partnership helps communities thrive

Torrens University and Community Centres SA partnership helps communities thrive

A new partnership between Torrens University Australia and the Community Centres SA (CCSA) will help communities tackle problems like loneliness, anxiety, unemployment, illiteracy and family breakdown.

Community Centres SA is a not-for-profit leader in community development that provides advocacy, research, capacity building and training for their members which include Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses who create spaces for communities to connect.

Over 35,000 participants access CCSA services weekly, including over 200 organisations to help them live healthier, more connected, and empowered lives.

Torrens University Chief Commercial Officer Jerome Casteigt said the university is thrilled to align with a valued organisation like Community Centres SA.

Collaboration and mutual support remain the cornerstone of strong and developing communities,' he said.

Torrens University remains committed to actively participate within our communities both through our education and research, whilst working alongside our partners to impact the growth and wellbeing of our people,” said Mr Casteigt.

By formalising this partnership, Torrens University will support the work that CCSA does with low-income, CALD, new immigrant, and refugee communities and help them to provide accessible higher education for countless people across South Australia.

Collaboration and shared values are the key to an effective partnership where collectively we can more deeply support the needs of our communities,' said Kylie Fergusen, Community Centres SA CEO.

Torrens University, with a complementary ethos around inclusivity and accessibility, is ensuring that with this partnership, South Australians from all walks of life can have greater access to education and employment pathways.

We are excited to work side by side to develop an environment of creativity, support, and capacity building, which will enhance the wonderful culture and vibrance of our state and its communities.

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