Torrens University and genU Training partnership offers exciting opportunities to drive students

Torrens University and genU Training partnership offers exciting opportunities to drive students

Shared values and beliefs, and creating an educational ecosystem are at the heart of the new partnership.

A new partnership between genU Training and Torrens University offers opportunities for both education institutions to create pathways into new courses, placements and employment opportunities in rapidly growing sectors.

“The university welcomes our new partner genU Training and genU, supporting their commitment that education is within everybody’s reach,” Jerome Casteigt, Torrens University Australia Chief Commercial Officer.

A meeting of minds between both education institutions underpin the new partnership, and an unyielding drive to support students in reaching their goals in environments where innovation and nurture coexist.

"We are so excited to be able to present our students with the opportunity to take their vocational education achievements with genU Training into Australia’s fastest growing university, Torrens University,” said Lisa Abbott, General Manager of Education and Training.

Partnership holds endless possibilities

The higher education and training partnership provides pathway arrangements for joint delivery of programs and projects relating to social enterprise business development, performance and social procurement activity in the education, training and recruitment markets.

“These activities are just the beginning of the endless possibilities these two organisations will share long into the future,” Jerome adds.  

“We support our students through their courses, underpinning their experiences with the focus on how their education will contribute to building inclusive communities,” said Lisa.

“We know that Torrens University is the natural next step, and we cannot wait to present the vast array of options to our graduate students."

Empowering people to reach full potential

As part of the Karingal St Laurence company, genU Training (TOID 5553) comprises of a group of businesses and charitable entities focused on building inclusive communities via a range of innovative services enabling people to excel and reach their full potential.

These services span disability support, housing, aged care, community outreach, as well as supported employment pathways, professional recruitment, and industry and accredited training.

With over 65 years' experience, genU Training offers job-ready and nationally recognised qualifications and vocational short courses, with a focus on training and education programs reflecting their mission to create and deliver services and support networks that empower people.

An impactful exchange

"Social impact should be at the forefront of how organisations make decisions and education environments are the perfect environment to cultivate this thinking, creating the catalyst for our future leaders to influence change,” Paul Barbaro, genU Executive General Manager explains.

The partnership has already revealed an alignment in the focus on social enterprise, with genU subsidiary IPA, Australia's only social enterprise recruitment agency, strong synergies with the Torrens University Social Enterprise Hub.

“We will work closely with genU Training and genU subsidiaries within our Social Enterprise Hub,” said Jerome.

“We are also excited that Torrens University students will also have the opportunity for industry relevant internships and graduate roles.”

Pictured above – Lisa Abbott – General Manager of genU Training and Shirl Kean Pathways Partnership Development Manager – Torrens University Australia

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