Introducing MyLearn: Online platform helping university students study

Introducing MyLearn

Online technology that helps you study anywhere, anytime – and future-fits you for the workplace.

Content is everywhere, but MyLearn is where you will find your community and connect with other students, lecturers, and teachers.

At Torrens University, we believe in making sure that every study experience you have with us prepares you for employment in a tech-evolving workplace. That’s why MyLearn uses the latest digital technology such as Microsoft Teams to help you study now – and contribute to the workplace later.

Putting people at the heart of technology: we listened to you.

When designing MyLearn, we asked our students what was important: your answer was clear:

“Make every class interactive so we're not always only listening to our lecturer. Have an integrated, and consistent experience throughout the entire learning lifecycle. Consistency needs to be applied about where teachers will post things, announcements, and additional information.”

At the core of MyLearn is what Torrens University has become known for: people-centred higher education that is innovative, highly interactive, and bold.

The latest tech tools on MyLearn for students

MyLearn will give you the best opportunity to learn online using Microsoft Teams, video and heaps of other tools that help you learn anywhere, anytime.

By using Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Access and participate in your online classes
  • Easily share files with others
  • Chat, connect and collaborate with your Learning Facilitators, classmates, and others within the university.

MyLearn is mobile friendly, uses advanced video tools, enables you to instantly connect with others on Teams chats – it is your virtual community that helps you study. It is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest tech tools, including the suite of Microsoft applications and Artificial Intelligence that will not only make your study easier, but it will also get you ready for employment by gaining experience in using tools that industry uses.

Torrens University students' experiences with MyLearn

MyLearn started with roll-out to Design and Creative Technology students – and their experience has been positive.

“MyLearn feels like a fresh start. It’s easy to navigate and everything feels like it’s been a purposeful choice instead of just a jumble of information. I can clearly understand the dashboard which shows me the most recent, relevant information,” said Georgina Trotter, Design & Creative Technology student.

“MyLearn has been a positive experience, everything is easy to locate, it’s easier to find my marks, it’s so much easier to see when my assessments are due in a calendar. Everything I need is just at my fingertips. So much easier to do anything uni related at any time. The apps have made it a breeze to study with an iPad, or even on my phone; if I want to look at class recording or refer to something, I can do that from anywhere,” said Kauthar Soeker, Design & Creative Technology student.

At Torrens, we put people at the heart of digital transformation – study with us and you get high quality learning experience that is enhanced with the latest technology so that you can become part of an online community – and build your digital fluency to equip you for your career.

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