Torrens University keeping COVID-19 watch globally while supporting students and staff

Torrens University keeping Covid-19 watch across the globe while supporting staff and students

Torrens University staff and students impacted by COVID-19 worldwide have received assurance of support from both the Vice-Chancellor and President of the University in recent days.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Alwyn Louw says he is particularly concerned about the deepening situation in countries such as India, Nepal, Pakistan and parts of South America. 

“We have a pledge at Torrens University to Be Good. This means that our staff and students have a community to turn to – whether they are studying or working with us in Australia, New Zealand or offshore,” Professor Louw says.

“We are keeping a close eye on India and Nepal in particular because we know the situation continues to unfold. 

It is unpredictable, and we all have to be conscious of the impact on work and study. The same goes for students and staff from elsewhere on the subcontinent and South America.”

At Torrens University, a special support desk has been set up for students to ensure they receive the various forms of support and guidance they may need. This includes assistance and coaching, guiding students in India to in-country resources, as well as setting up a weekly virtual meeting for staff and students from India. Torrens University also has Employee Assistance Services available for staff.

Linda Brown, President of Torrens University, says it is critical that support is available to thousands of our students offshore, to ensure that work and study are not severely impacted. Her message is one of encouragement and a call for students, especially to keep focused. 

Importantly, for Linda and Alwyn, it’s about students and staff knowing they are valued members of the community during this tragic time. 

“I know this is tough. But resilience has brought many students and staff through in recent months. Please use that gift. The most important thing you can do for your family is to continue to focus on your future,” Linda Brown says.

“We will give you as much support as we can to make sure we can help you get through that.”


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