Love the way you learn – Globally-recognised online courses

Online education today is every bit as valuable and applicable as on-campus. Making use of technology and unique course resources, it provides a rich, varied, and interactive student experience.

Torrens University Australia is experienced in online delivery and we have been providing online education for many years. We are well-versed in course delivery, execution, and interacting with students in live class sessions. Learn from specialist online lecturers, leaders in their field, and gain your qualification with flexibility through our virtual classrooms.


Building knowledge collectively in a digital context is increasingly becoming the norm and employers are seeking digitally savvy employees. Find out in more detail how our online learning platform works in our online study blog.

Why study online?

Ultimate flexibility

You can study when and where you want, tailoring your study to suit your lifestyle. You can choose to study full or part-time depending on your availability and ambitions.

Dynamic study options

Our flexible study options allows you to realise your goal of career progression without being locked into a set day, a set time, or a classroom. Meet virtually, using laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Depending on your course, you can choose to move between online and on-campus study each trimester, or choose blended learning when possible.


Personalised attention

Get personal attention from Academics, Learning Facilitators, and Success Coaches. Also, just because you are an online student does not mean you can’t access our national network of campuses!

On-Demand Access

Review course content and recordings at your leisure, interactively self-testing your knowledge at the end of each subject through online quizzes. A great flexible option for people with pre-existing commitments, whether they are professional, family or social.