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Artificial intelligence is the way of the future and AI jobs are growing in industries that rely on automation and efficiency to keep operation costs low, or to improve customer experiences. Pick a specialisation and begin your journey in a range of exciting AI careers.

Systems Architect

Develop and implement computer systems and networks for organisations.

Systems Architects take creative approaches to developing networks and computer systems to improve organisations’ technical capabilities. The brains behind the structure of components, defining interfaces and their interactions, you'll be responsible for choosing which technologies are best suited to the architecture.

What does a Systems Architect do?

  • Strategise, design and develop the structure of computer systems and networks
  • Help organisations select IT strategies that enhance their operations
  • Provide advice on frameworks, hardware and software that are best suited to client needs
  • Liaise with external departments to achieve IT-oriented goals

AI Researcher

Push further into the future by exploring the next steps required to improve AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence Researchers focus on applying AI to new and existing technologies, determining what effects it will have on the functioning of society and predicting how it will impact relevant industries. While AI research is a technology-based field, it also requires an understanding of the functioning of society, philosophy and human psychology.

What does an AI Researcher do?

  • Play a role in building the future by finding AI solutions to everyday tasks
  • Research developments in AI technology across various industries, including manufacturing, shopping and web browsing
  • Collaborate to enhance our understanding of potential roles and uses for AI
  • Design personas to humanise AI bots and programs, adding character and personality

Machine Learning Engineer

Be the conduit between data and data programs.

Machine Learning Engineers program logic into computers and other devices so they can act without being directly instructed. This includes things like self-service terminals, mobile phone notifications and even self-driving cars. You will find jobs with companies who are looking to increase workplace efficiency, cut labouring costs and improve overall customer experience.

What does a Machine Learning Engineer do?

  • Enable machines to perform tasks without direct human instruction
  • Shape human interactions with technological devices
  • Funnel AI findings into computer programming practices
  • Help businesses gain a competitive advantage and lower operational costs through automation

Product Manager

Evaluate the feasibility and business value of AI products.

With a solid understanding of the AI industry and its concepts, Product Managers evaluate the effectiveness of implementing AI technologies within specific businesses. Your role will include testing AI products and providing a detailed analysis on how developments will impact the organisation, while focusing on aspects of customer experience.

What does a Product Manager do?

  • Test and evaluate upcoming artificial intelligence technologies and initiatives
  • Create detailed reports through in-depth analysis of the effectiveness and implementation of AI tech
  • Be part of business development initiatives while maintaining knowledge of technological developments
  • Take ownership of specific initiatives within organisations
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