Billy Blue College of Design

Back in 1987 (before Photoshop existed), Sydney design agency Billy Blue Creative was looking for some fresh creative blood to work on their clients’ projects. So, they took the only logical step: to open a design school.

What started as a magazine, blossomed into a design agency, then a school and now a university, created by designers for designers.

Today, Billy Blue College of Design is renowned for its pioneering spirit and high employability rate across a variety of design disciplines, including branded fashion, communication design, digital media design, interior design, software engineering and creative technologies. Courses are developed by some of the industry’s best creators, designers and lecturers who work in leading agencies.

With internships and work integrated learning programs involving live briefs, students get the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s top design and creative technology firms.

At Billy Blue you get specialist design courses by designers for designers. Industry experts teach and mentor students, showing them the ropes with industry-relevant skills and super handy career advice. Billy Blue enjoys a strong connection to the design industry, with opportunities to develop as a professional, work on real-world projects in class and grow your own network of industry contacts and clients before you graduate.

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