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This course is delivered by Torrens University Australia Ltd, ABN 99 154 937 005, RTO 41343, CRICOS 03389E.


What is a Graduate Certificate of Applied Management?

Torrens University Australia’s Graduate Certificate of Applied Management (GCAM) is designed for organisations that want to grow high-performing teams and support employees to become future managers in C-suite roles.

Focusing on management and leadership skills, this customisable corporate management qualification relies on action- or project-based learning to target and enhance professional capabilities. Consulting with our experts, organisations can tailor the program to meet specific business objectives, improve team performance and fast-track employees’ progression into more senior roles.

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Guaranteed pathway entry
Completion of the Graduate Certificate of Applied Management will guarantee entry into our Master of Business Administration with advanced standing, offering the chance for further advanced business development.

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Skills for the future
We are industry-leading and future-focused, perfectly positioning us to equip participants with all the tools they need to further the success of your organisation. 

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Unique approach
Our organisation-centric approach to bespoke soft-skills corporate learning is designed to deliver strong ROI from day one. 

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Custom corporate programs
Our bespoke management course is flexible and designed specifically to fit the needs of your organisation in a team learning style that works for you.

Course overview

Torrens University’s GCAM incorporates objectives specific to your organisation, offering a bespoke learning experience through genuine work-based briefs and challenges. As part of the Advanced Business Practice Project, participants contribute to a high-value assignment your business is focused on, learning in context and emerging as considered decision-makers that add value to your organisation.

Participants will engage in ongoing self-assessment and self-directed learning, encouraging continuous professional development and managerial evolution.

If you’re aiming to upskill top leadership, first-level managers or intermediate supervisors, Torrens University’s GCAM can be tailored to offer the insight and tools your employees need to advance their professional development, navigate organisational culture, facilitate change and lead with confidence. Our facilitators will consult with relevant internal personnel to ascertain your business drivers, strategic direction and key objectives, and will establish a thorough understanding of your organisation’s working culture and environment.

Unlock the full potential of your organisation

Torrens University’s corporate management program is completely customisable, so high-potential members of your organisation can advance the specific skills they need to build toward their career goals and contribute to the growth of your organisation.

Corporate skills developed

  • Demonstrate confidence in decision-making, using a strategic mindset
  • Effectively evaluate information and formulate evidence-based judgements
  • Approach problem-solving through analytical, perceptive and creative lenses
  • Apply the latest innovations to business challenges
  • Research, scope and secure appropriate resources to complete workplace projects
  • Master advanced project management skills
  • Successfully communicate and implement visions for success

Subject offerings

Our program is built around two core subjects, and we can work with you to design focus areas that provide value to your organisation. Each subject involves approximately 12.5 hours of study per week, comprising three hours of facilitated study and nine and a half hours of self-directed study.

  • Core subjects
  • Suggested specialism options
Complete the 2 core subjects listed below.
  • Workplace Learning and Research | MGT510
    Developing a learning mindset and the skills of how to learn are critical to your success as a senior industry professional. This subject assists you to develop the knowledge and skills to learn effectively in the workplace as a senior professional. You will explore and challenge assumptions about how you learn best and what constitutes effective learning. The subject will guide you on how to learn from- and in-action, and to reflect on your experience of events, situations or actions so as to make sense of them in a structured manner. You will also learn about how to research, scope, and secure appropriate resources to undertake a successful workplace project and deepen your reflective practice.
  • Advanced Business Practice Project | MGT511
    Having developed an agreed project brief, you are now ready to complete the project, which is constituted as a formal three-way learning agreement between the university, the organisation, and you, the learner. This subject provides you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in MGT510 Workplace Learning & Research with the support and guidance of your organisational sponsor and academic adviser to a real work-based challenge. The project will be within your own role or scope and be of a level of complexity that is equal to, or more than your level of responsibility. It will involve a minimum work commitment of 200 hours not including academic research and assessment work. Projects can be undertaken in groups subject to the above conditions. However, each learner will submit their own individual work.
Choose 1 of the specialism subjects listed below.
  • Business Decision Analytics | MGT602
    Today's decisions have to be made quickly, individually and in groups, with what often appears to be ambiguous or too much data. How does one select, observe and distil the most pertinent data sets to make decisions that will positively impact tomorrow's firms and communities? This subject engages students in the nuances of data collection, how to filter data and how to use it most effectively in decision-making. The subject develops the student's qualitative and quantitative research skills, and digital literacy.
  • Systems Thinking | MGT603
    This subject builds on systems theory and introduces students to a holistic view of the organisation and the broader ecosystem it operates in. It also introduces students to the basic principles of operations management in the context of Systems Thinking. Students will be exposed to Systems Thinking tools to diagnose and propose innovative solutions to contemporary business issues.
  • Strategic Management | MGT604
    This subject explores sustainable approaches to managing the symbiotic relationship between organisations and their environments. Organisations are increasingly facing disruption and the basis for delivering products and services is rapidly changing. Sustaining performance requires careful management of business processes, fostering corporate competencies, and aligning the firm to its internal and external environment. The student will learn and then practice strategising through a number of theories and practical settings.
  • Agile Project Management | MIS608
    Progressing from traditional project management frameworks this subject focuses on Agile project management, Agile project management methodology, the principles of Agile, and Agile techniques. This subject will be based on a foundation of the 4 core values and 12 guiding principles of Agile as laid out by the agile manifesto. Students will develop an understanding of Agile concepts, tools and techniques: Scrum and Kanban, Roadmap planning, Program increments, Sprints and daily scrums and the Agile roles within teams. Some of the leading Agile frameworks will be discussed so that students have an understanding of some of the different philosophies, which support the Agile continuous delivery pipeline. Points of origin in Lean practice and the relationship between Agile and DevOps will also be covered to help students orient themselves in the broader emerging landscape of projects and software development landscape.

Additional options that meet the needs of your organisation are available upon consultation with our team.

Business Man and Woman

Why study with us?

With career development at the centre of everything we do, we are Australia’s first choice for business-focused higher education. We offer globally recognised, industry-relevant courses taught by leading experts to help your organisation advance, innovate and create the leaders of tomorrow.
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Develop international credentials
With globally recognised qualifications from Torrens University Australia, your participants will be equipped to take the organisation anywhere in the world.
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Future-proofed business
Our industry-integrated model means we have our finger on the pulse of the business world, giving participants access to the most up-to-date industry perspectives and practices.
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Gain insights from experts
Participants will benefit from working with some of the finest thinkers, leaders and innovators of today.

Domestic entry requirements, fees and scholarships

Admissions criteria and pathways

This management certificate is only open to domestic students. To be eligible for admission, participants must satisfy one of the entry requirements below.

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Academic entry
Successful completion of an undergraduate degree in any field, or equivalent. OR
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Work and life experience
Applicants without formal qualifications are eligible to apply if they have seven years of professional, administrative or managerial work experience. Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Participants will need to be supported by a workplace that can provide a significant contemporary project and appropriate resourcing.

The Graduate Certificate of Applied Management is a bespoke program that recognises your organisation’s structured in-house learning opportunities. We acknowledge that the programs you provide are deepening your employees’ learnings and can provide accreditation against these programs.


Domestic fees
Check the Domestic Course Fee Schedule for the cost of your course.
We understand the value of professional development to your organisation and we want to work with you to tailor the fees in a way that suits you.

How to Apply

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Get in touch today

To discuss bespoke team development options that promote career progression, contact Chris Pascuzzi, Business Development Manager Torrens University Australia School of Business.
Phone: +61 (0) 406 732 230

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the cost?

    We’d love to talk to you about how we can customise the fees for this program in a way that will work for you and your organisation.

  • Where is the Graduate Course of Applied Management?

    We can structure this course so that it meets your needs; we can come to your offices, we can make our campuses available, or we can offer our programs online for your employees to study management whenever and wherever it suits them. Alternatively, you may choose a blend of both, where participants learn in person and online.

  • How do people enrol?

    HR managers should talk to us about enrolling team members at their organisation.

  • What does Torrens University mean by 'workplace application'?

    As part of the Graduate Certificate of Applied Management, participants will complete projects that are meaningful to your organisation, ensuring a strong ROI even during the course.

  • Do you recognise learning opportunities we are already providing to our employees?

    Yes, Torrens University will recognise structured in-house program you are currently offering your team, and we can offer accreditation for these.

  • What is the next intake date?
    We work with your organisation to find the right time to suit you.
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