Brisbane Graduates set to soar

Sue Chen | TUA graduate | Design

On Tuesday 29 June 2021, we celebrated the achievements of our Design and Health & Education graduands at graduation ceremonies held in Brisbane.

Everyone might have been wearing masks, but the joy and excitement was clear in the eyes of our graduates, their families and friends at our Design and Health & Education graduations in Brisbane on Tuesday (29 June). 

The highlight of the ceremonies was, undoubtedly, the powerful and moving addresses from our student and guest speakers.

Student speakers deliver powerful messages to their peers

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) graduate and winner of the ‘Be Good’ Award Sue Chen was chosen as the student speaker at the Design graduation. She urged her fellow graduates to continue their learning journey.  

“Never stop learning. You never know where life will take you,” Sue said. 

“Face every new obstacle as a potential new learning opportunity. Every mistake, every wrong turn in life teaches us something.” 

Sue’s words were echoed by Dr Sivagamy Vanniyakulam, graduate of the Master of Public Health and survivor of the Sri Lankan civil war, in a heartfelt address to her peers. 

“My family and I had to keep moving to keep ourselves alive... The only things we could take with us was my parents' knowledge, education and certificates,” Dr Vanniyakulam shared. 

“I promised myself that I will never stop learning; I will never stop studying.” 

Guest speakers inspire and motivate our students for the journey ahead

We were thrilled to be joined by two wonderful guest speakers who generously shared their individual experiences and career journeys with our graduates, leaving them with messages and moments that will stay with them forever.  

At our Design graduation, Bilbie Lab Creative Director and ‘Virtual Heritage Jedi’ Brett Leavy delivered an awe-inspiring speech

“Try to find your rhythm and don’t wait for someone to say you’re ready. Just do it. I say ‘Act.’ Act courageously. It’s the R and D of life. Show it. Do it. Try it. Fall. Fall forward and get up and go again.” 

Jules Galloway, a naturopath, and alumni of Torrens University, urged graduates at our Health and Education ceremony to embrace their unique gifts and skills as they paved their way in their new industry. 

“The world needs more helpers, healers, practitioners, researchers and educators,” Jules said. 

“Never underestimate the gifts you can bring to your profession.” 


We are so proud of all our graduands!

And thank you to all the people, teams, and external contractors – both on the ground in Brisbane and remotely – who, in the face of immense and mounting challenges, helped make these graduations a special and memorable experience for our graduands and our guests. 

Unfortunately, we had to postpone our Business and Hospitality graduation, but we are working on a new date and we are looking forward to celebrating with our Brisbane graduates very soon. 


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