Adventure into design with a new Billy Blue


Our story started back in 1800 with the alleged theft of a little raw sugar, sending our namesake Billy Blue to the shores of Sydney.

Paul Brafield | General Manager, Design and Creative Technology, Billy Blue College of Design and Media Design School New Zealand

We've had a lot of lives-Billy Blue the man, Billy Blue the magazine, Billy Blue the agency and Billy Blue the college.

Our story started back in 1800 with the alleged theft of a little raw sugar, sending our namesake Billy Blue to the shores of Sydney. Our chatty convict chocolatier quickly made the most of it and kick-started Sydney's first ferry service carrying all manner of contraband under the noses of the elite passengers.

Many years later, inspired by these acts of rebellious service, our founders Ross & Aaron shared their thought-provoking content in Billy Blue, the magazine. The free publication received so much attention that they were able to open a design agency and flex their sharp wit and creative flair in even more endeavours. Billy Blue, the agency was born in 1980.

As Billy Blue Creative grew, Ross and Aaron struggled to find designers with the talent and skills to meet both their creative standards and the unconventional spirit of Billy Blue. So, they advertised for students to come into the studio to learn alongside them. Applications from 68 hungry creatives were received, and Billy Blue School of Graphic Art opened its doors in 1987 with one mission - bridge education and industry.

30 years pass and it lives on as the Billy Blue College of Design you know and love, consistently ranked as Australia’s top design college and broadening our courses to the world of creative technology.

Looking over our history – there’s one thing you can’t deny, a sense of adventure. Sent abroad for stealing, starting a ferry service, taking the plunge and starting a magazine begat an agency begat a college.

That sense of adventure has never faded, and today we’re proud to announce a new chapter in our history. A celebration of that adventure, and the start of a new one.

Introducing your new Billy Blue College of Design, now at Torrens University Australia.

Any facet of design presents an adventure. For the artist, the briefer, the pitcher and the audience. With the new Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia visual identity, we seek to capture that sense of adventure, giving our maverick convict namesake a world of his own – inspired by the thinking, making and connecting behind great design. 

Remember: On an adventure, anything can happen. Where we’re going is up to you.

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