What you can do with a Master of Education

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Torrens University Australia’s Master of Education programs are focused on the future – your own and the future of your students.

Our postgraduate degrees offer new perspectives on Education and lead to exciting professional development opportunities. You will deepen your knowledge in your chosen field, develop your confidence as a leader, and build the expertise to innovative change.

You’ll also acquire research and analytical skills that are essential for addressing critical issues in Education practice and policy, while opening doors to consultancy and government roles.

Master of Education career opportunities

With a Master of Education, you can rise to the highest levels of your profession. Depending on your education or training context, this might be as a teacher, school principal, head of an academic department, policymaker or innovator. At the same time, your passion and knowledge will enhance the lives of the people you lead.

Is a Master of Education worth it?

The answer is ‘Yes’ – for yourself, your colleagues and your students. 

Torrens University's Master of Education programs not only give our graduates highly regarded teaching qualifications but also build the leadership skills required for career progression in current or future roles.

Studying in your specialised area, you will follow your interests and stand out as a sought-after expert in your field. For example:

The Master of Education (Innovation and Change) explores methods to improve educational outcomes, which you can apply in your professional practice and allows you to analyse and critique a range of cutting-edge innovations. A unique aspect of this course is the opportunity to engage with other teachers using a cohort model, giving you the chance to implement change at the individual, department and whole school level. Roles in schools, universities and other tertiary institutions, and the government will open up to you.

Our Master of Education (Reading and Literacy) is designed as a specialisation for four-year trained teachers, education administrators and policymakers, and other professionals involved in addressing reading and literacy skills, critical literacy and multiliteracies. You’ll learn how to respond to social and technological change in ways that make literacy teaching and learning relevant to your students. As well, with the skills and expertise gained in the course, you will be recognised and respected as a literacy educator or coach.

The Master of Education (Special Education) prepares you to support people with a range of special educational needs. It highlights three distinct streams: Autism, Mental Health and Learning differences, and addresses the challenges and issues faced by Educators in mainstream educational practice. This important course fills a gap in professional development for educators in this field. On graduation, you will have career opportunities in schools and other agencies that seek to improve special education programs.

Can you pursue a Master’s degree while working full time?

We offer these programs as full-time or part-time courses, and online, with the Special Education program run on campus as well. So you can tailor your studies to suit your lifestyle as well as your family and work commitments.

We believe in putting theory into practice. Our programs are all delivered by course work, and each subject is structured so you can apply what you learn to your own educational setting. You don’t have to sit for exams; instead, in our progressive postgraduate structure, subjects are assessed on a range of tasks, including reflective writing, report writing and essays.

We’ve designed all our postgraduate Education programs so that you can upskill, develop your professional practice, and put this knowledge to use in your own classroom, where it matters most.

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