A simple philosophy spurs student to begin his Master of Public Health degree

Master of Public Health graduate speaker from Adelaide

Dr Brijesh Shukla, a graduate of Master of Public Health spoke at his recent graduation ceremony, sharing that the philosophy of ‘prevention is better than cure’ encouraged him to begin his degree at Torrens University Australia.

Working in a cardiac surgical team back in India, Dr Brijesh noticed many young people suffering from cardiac diseases, tragically witnessing the death of young patients. He realised that many of these issues could be prevented before the need for any surgery. It all starts at a community level and connecting with the public as a way of layering early foundations for a healthy lifestyle.   

Shukla’s passion for engaging in health at a community level became one of the main drivers in pursuing his studies in Public Health.  

“Back in my community, we already started a campaign with the name of ‘Ek Mutthi Chaval’ in which, we provided guidance for healthy eating habits, active lifestyle and provide food for needy peoples.” 

“The level of education and support provided during my study period, it was beyond my imagination.”

Unsure of what to expect when arriving in Adelaide, Dr Brijesh began his studies at Torrens University and was blown away by the level of education and support provided to him. 

“It was beyond my imagination. The level of quality I got during my study exceeded my expectations.” 

Coming into a space where every staff member knew your name, gave their full attention to your needs and helped you every step of the way made a huge impact on Dr Brijesh’s experience.  

“Their support changed my life. I consider myself very lucky to have you all during my studies.” 

The outstanding support and level of guidance that the staff in Adelaide provided led Dr Brijesh to finish his degree with flying colours. And though many of his friends questioned his choice to enrol at Torrens University, it being relatively unknown amongst other established universities, Dr Brijesh has no regrets.  

“I made a right decision which I will never regret in my life. I will be forever grateful and in debt to these amazing academics.” 

The journey with Torrens University doesn’t end here, as we welcome Dr Brijesh and the rest of the Health and Education cohort to our vast global alumni network. 

Watch Dr Brijesh Shukla’s speech here.
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