Torrens University speakers at the 2022 NMHNZ Conference

2022 NMHNZ Conference Torrens University speakers

The 2022 NMHNZ Conference will feature Torrens University academics and graduates. Read more about the speakers' education and experience here.

The Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand Conference, running from 6–7 August, will be an opportunity for more than 150 Naturopaths, Medical Herbalists and other Health industry professionals from around the world to come together online. Featuring in the Conference program are Torrens University academics and graduates.

The NMHNZ and Torrens University share goals for the Naturopathy industry

A member of the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF), the NMHNZ is committed to promoting the recognition and advancement of naturopathy and aims to progress and protect the development of naturopathic medicine in New Zealand. As well, the organisation provides the public with a guaranteed standard of natural health care.

At Torrens University Australia, academics, students and graduates from Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine share these goals – for the recognition of the profession and constantly striving to reach the highest standards. Also, like the NMHNZ, Torrens University has a close association with the WNF.

With our shared values and aspirations, we are proud that Torrens University will have a strong presence at the NMHNZ Conference.

The Torrens University Speakers at NMHNZ Conference

In the line-up of international speakers at the Conference will be Torrens University academics Catherine Smith, Michelle Mravunac and Lisa Costa Bir.

Catherine Smith, Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine Program Director

Catherine Smith is Program Director for the Bachelor of Health Science - Western Herbal Medicine (WHM) and Naturopathy programs at Torrens University Australia. She holds qualifications in Naturopathy, Health Science, post-grad Nutrition, Complementary Medicine and Education, and has worked in education and academic management for over 10 years and has been a qualified naturopath for more than 20 years. During the COVID pandemic Torrens University’s Naturopathic and WHM academic team quickly and successfully implemented a Telehealth service as an alternative to the in-person consultations offered at the student-led clinic The Practice Wellbeing Centre. Catherine will talk about her experiences with Telehealth in her presentation: Thriving with Telehealth: future-proofing practice.

Michelle Mravunac, Naturopathy and Nutrition Medicine Lecturer

With a passion for teaching and mentoring the next generation of naturopaths, Michelle Mravunac lectures and supervises the student clinic in the Naturopathic and Nutrition Medicine courses at Torrens University in Sydney. She has completed a Master of Human Nutrition and a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and has worked in private practice for the last 22 years. Michelle has extensive experience in treating a range of conditions, including female reproductive disorders. Her commitment to women’s health is reflected in the topic of her Conference presentation: The naturopathic management of endometriosis: A case study.

Lisa Costa Bir, Naturopath and Naturopath Lecturer

Lisa Costa Bir specialises in women’s health and auto-immunity. She has a Masters of Women’s Health, a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Naturopathy. As well as running her practice in Sydney, Lisa is a lecturer and clinical supervisor at Torrens University. She is also a contributing writer to a range of Naturopathic industry textbooks. Lisa’s work has the potential to improve the lives of women worldwide and she will talk about it in her conference session, Naturopathic Management of PMDD – what works? PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) is a severe condition that is similar to PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) and it affects 3–8% of women around the world.

Sally Mathrick, Naturopath and Lecturer

Torrens University facilitator Sally Mathrick is a leading Australian naturopath, health educator, writer, speaker, and the principal naturopath at Sound Medicine. She was a Director of the NHAA (Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia) from 2018 and 2020, and is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM).

Sally is skilled in treatment of menopausal issues, migraines and other chronic health issues, and provides health courses and workshops to direct people through a detox or healthy eating process.

With a Graduate Diploma in Medicines Management with Professional Honors in Complementary Medicine, a Bachelor Naturopathy (Science) and a Bachelor of Arts. she is highly skilled. Sally has practiced alongside other health practitioners, predominantly osteopaths and GPs. She was instrumental in running five integrative medicine conferences in Byron Bay, which explored some of the elements of practicing together for best patient care and outcomes. Since 2006, Sally has been the DIY Detox columnist for Wellbeing Australia and is widely published in newspapers and magazines. At the Conference Sally will be speaking on the topic: Our Vital Role During the ‘Declining Decade’.

Our Natural Medicine graduates also speaking at the NMHNZ Conference

Rachel Arthur is a respected and widely published naturopath and registered nutritionist specialising in integrative nutrition and diagnostics. With over 20 years’ experience in both the clinic and the classroom, Rachel is respected as a leading nutritional educator. She has contributed work to authoritative texts, including all four editions of Herbs & Natural Supplements: An Evidence Based Guide. She also delivers a monthly podcast, Update in Under 30. Rachel is a graduate of the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT), the longest-standing institution in Natural Therapies and part of Torrens University Australia since 2014. She will speak at the conference on the topic of Confidence and Competence in Pathology Interpretation.

Sophie Friend, Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) graduate

Sophie Friend graduated from Torrens in 2020 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Now as a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, Sophie runs her own clinic, Sol Natural Health. At the conference, she will do a poster presentation of her research: Efficacy of Actaea racemosa for Relieving Climacteric Complaints. She says that during the pandemic, while Health professionals have to care for their patients with Covid, they cannot neglect the noncommunicable diseases and conditions, such as menopause. Sophie is investigating the efficacy of herbal medicine as an alternative to HRT for menopausal women. Supervising her study is her lecturer from her Bachelor degree, Amber Moore, and Ian Breakspear. Both are academics at Torrens University: Amber is a Senior Learning Facilitator in Health Sciences, and Ian is a Senior Learning Facilitator for Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine.

As our involvement in the NMHNZ Conference shows, our academics and graduates are active and respected members of the international community of Natural Medicine professionals; our connections and collaborations reach around the globe and throughout the industry.

If you want to become a part of the dynamic and people-focused Natural Health profession, you can take the first step by exploring our Complementary Medicine courses.

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