How a culturally diverse and inclusive classroom prepared this graduate

Yasmeen Amirey

Meet Yasmeen Amirey, a Master of Public Health (Advanced) graduate from Pakistan whose exposure to diversity in the classroom has helped her inspire innovation in the healthcare sector.

Previously having studied a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in her home country of Pakistan, Yasmeen has always been passionate about working in and for her community. “My focus has always been towards health promotion and disease prevention,” which led to Yasmeen studying a Master of Public Health (Advanced) at Torrens University.

“I decided to study at Torrens University because of its diverse culture and industry-experienced professors.”

The importance of diversity in teaching Public Health

“A major aspect for an individual studying Public Health is a diverse culture, which is why Torrens University stood out. You can meet and study with people from all different backgrounds.”

“The Master of Public Health (Advanced) also taught me critical policy writing and analysis skills that have helped me progress in my career. I’m currently working as an Aged Care Policy Specialist in a well-known organisation in the Home Care sector, getting a step closer to enhancing public health and wellbeing.”

Yasmeen’s favorite aspect of studying at Torrens University was “the project work as I worked with people from different backgrounds, which assisted me in learning about other cultures and ideologies. This was crucial as it gave me essential skills that I need as a Public Health professional.”

When asked what the future holds for Yasmeen, she said, “I want to enhance the quality of life for older Australians in the aged care sector and minimise their health risks. This course has further polished my understanding and abilities to achieve this career progression in healthcare.”

Yasmeen Amirey graduating

Australia is a land of opportunities

Studying at Torrens University helped Yasmeen to identify the ways in which she could achieve her career vision. Her advice to other international students is, “Australia has many opportunities for those who are eager to learn and grow. There will be hurdles along the way but remember those are not the end of your journey. They will help you towards success.”

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