Indonesia to Sydney: My journey studying Hotel Management


Join us as we find out more about Marsha's passion for hospitality and what she loves most about living and studying in Australia.

Marsha Valencia is an international student from Indonesia, currently studying for a Masters in International Hotel Management at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS). Join us as we find out more about her passion for hospitality and what she loves most about living and studying in Australia.

Tell us a bit about your background and where you are originally from.

I am originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. I did my Bachelor’s Degree back home in hotel management. After I graduated, I worked as a Guest Service Agent back home. I have always been interested in the hospitality industry in general because it’s a people industry.

How did you first hear about Torrens University and what made you decide to study with us?

I first heard about Torrens University through my professors during my bachelor degree. I decided to study with Blue Mountains Hotel Management School because of the great reputation that it has, from the testimonials of my professors as well as the great alumni network.

What has been the highlight of studying at Torrens so far?

So far, I am amazed at the number of alumni Torrens has and how we can easily connect with them and each other. Not to mention the supportive Success Coaches! 


Have you done an industry placement yet? If so, where did you do it and what did you like about it?

Yes, I have done my Industry Placement. I did my industry placement in Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour. I feel that it was a great learning experience for me to be a part of a pioneering team, with the property just newly opened upon my employment. It was interesting to see employees that come from different hotels and properties come together and brainstorm on how to do things better in this new establishment.

What was it like leaving home and moving to Australia to study?

It was a thrilling experience! I had to learn to adjust to a new place in a totally different environment. But everything was great! I got to meet a lot of new people from different backgrounds.

What do you like most about living and studying in Australia?

I love the diversity. I have met so many different people from different cultures. It really is a great experience, especially in the hospitality industry where we are constantly dealing with international guests. 


How has your time at Torrens prepared you for a career?

My time at Torrens prepared me for my career in a lot of ways. The support from the Careers team, Success Coach, GPP expo, and also continuous guidance from the professors and campus life team. All of the staff are always available for any discussion and sharing sessions. They have an open-door policy that allows us as students to just reach out to them whenever we need career advice. The careers team all have great experience in the industry so they have a lot of things that they can share and also give relevant advice.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

I will continue to work in the hospitality industry. I hope that I can excel in my career and also achieve my career goals. I have this big dream of mine that one day I can become a Room Division Manager in a 5-star hotel. I know that it will be a long and hard process but it’s going to be fun and exciting as well!

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