7 key benefits of studying Hotel Management

Hotel Management students on campus

Hotel Management is an excellent field to study as it provides endless career opportunities and transferrable life skills you cannot get elsewhere.

If you’re considering upskilling for a career in hotels, you may be wondering what the benefits are of studying a course in Hotel Management.

Perhaps you've gotten by so far without needing to further your education. After all, hospitality is an industry where work experience already counts for a lot. If you want a career in hotels, is it really worth investing time and money in a Hotel Management course

To answer that question as thoroughly as possible, let’s take a look at the 7 key benefits of doing a Hotel Management course.

1. Careers services and internship opportunities

One of the big advantages of studying Hotel Management is the access that it gives you to careers services, student support and placement opportunities that are only on offer to students.

Any Hotel Management course worth doing will integrate work placements into the curriculum, and many have specialised support staff on hand to help to organise these for students. Often, students have access to internship opportunities with industry partners of the university that aren’t even advertised in the job market. Careers services also provide further assistance such as interview preparation training and resume writing support, to help students secure jobs.

Many big hotel brands such as Marriott offer leadership training programs specifically for university students and graduates, and they frequently contact universities to find student candidates for these programs.

At the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS), part of Torrens University Australia, students receive their own personal Success Coach and access to exclusive internships via Careers Connect with industry partners as part of their course.

2. An international travel career in a high growth industry

The accommodation and travel industry is one of the biggest out there globally, accounting for one in every ten jobs around that world. It’s also a consistently high growth sector, aside from an exceptional few years during the pandemic. Now that the industry is in recovery, the annual expected growth rate expected for the global hospitality industry is a stable 7% between now and 2025.

If you want a career that comes with stability, exciting opportunities and the chance to work anywhere in the world, it’s a great idea to start a career in Hotel Management by investing in a Hotel Management course.

With the right training in hotels you can quickly slip into a job with any of the world’s three top major hotel groups (Choice Hotels, Marriott International and Wyndham Hotel Group) which between them hold between 7,000 to 9,200 properties all over the globe. When you work for an international chain, you can transfer your skills and qualifications all over the world, easily moving roles while still remaining within the same company.

3. Learn transferable workplace skills

Perhaps you decide a few years after graduation that you want to step out of the hotel industry, or step sideways into a new role within Hospitality. With a Hotel Management degree, that’s not a problem; you can use your education to choose from a huge variety of career options.

Developing your soft skills, management and leadership skills makes up a significant part of a well rounded hotel management education, and these skills are widely in demand across all sectors. In addition, as part of a typical Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management) you will learn a range of highly transferable, industry-relevant skills, completing core units such as:

  • Accounting
  • Cross Cultural Studies
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Management and Leadership
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business Law
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations and Environment Management

The sought-after soft skills and business knowledge you gain through studying Hotel Management can broadly be applied across a range of sectors, including: tourism, aviation, food and beverage, events management, festivals and the cultural sector, Ecommerce, retail, marketing and sales.

4. Fast promotion opportunities and good salary

As a hotel management graduate you have access to great opportunities for quick promotion, so you can soon expect a good salary.

The hotel and accommodation sector has one of the fastest rates of promotion of all sectors. A study from the American Hotel & Lodging Association shows that more than 50% of those in management positions started their career in an entry-level role. Of those managers polled in the survey, 94.4% received a promotion within their first year of employment.

Many major hotel brands promote promising young graduates from within the company, training them up through generous leadership training programs such as the Marriott ‘Voyage’ program, or the ‘Inspire’ program from Accor Hotels Group.

According to Indeed, the average base salary for a Hotel Manager in Australia is $106,864.

5. Internationally recognised qualification

Unlike some other types of qualifications, if you get a hotel management degree from a university that has a good global reputation then you will be able to use that degree to find employment anywhere in the world. Because hotel and accommodation services are a global industry, hotel management qualifications are internationally recognised by the majority of hotel brands and employers.

6. Networks of peers

One of the most valuable benefits of studying Hotel Management has nothing to do with the course content at all: it’s the friends you make while you’re studying. Developing networks of peers is a crucial component of any career, no matter what industry you’re in. In fact, research shows that approximately 85% of jobs are filled through networking rather than open applications.

When you enrol in a Hotel Management course, you immediately have access to a broad network of peers, staff and alumni. Many of the other young professionals you meet in your hotel management school or university will go on to become lifelong friends, colleagues and contacts working for other hotel brands.

7. Become a Hospitality innovator and lead the industry

Are you a visionary? Do you get excited about machine learning, smart hotels, incredible design, wellness and natural escapes, a sustainable industry or pushing forward with social equality in hospitality? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you should consider building a career for yourself in hotel management as an industry leader and innovator.

Hotel General Managers and CEOs are leading the way with some of the biggest innovations in the industry to happen in decades right now. From net-zero emissions targets to gender equality commitments and AI powered smart hotels, the whole hotel industry has recently entered an unprecedented and exciting time of change.

Right now, there is a big demand for industry leaders and hotel management graduates who have had their thinking cultivated by innovative training institutions. If you want to be an industry leader, make sure you choose a forward thinking school for your hotel management education.

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