International student’s journey from online study to on-campus


Anshul Sethi’s experience as an international student highlights the challenges of studying in a new country and the opportunities available along the way.

The potential for growth and amount of opportunities as an international student once making the decision to study overseas is far greater than you will get at home, so take that step!

Many students have become accustomed to online learning over the last few years, and Anshul Sethi is no exception. Having just graduated from high school in India, Anshul had been planning to make the jump to come and study onshore in Australia when the pandemic hit. Not wanting to put a hold on his study – like so many other aspects of life - Anshul decided to take a chance and began studying online with Torrens University Australia.

Anshul’s Bachelor of Business online study experience

Enrolling into the Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing, Anshul initially found it challenging to study online as an overseas student. In India, he expressed, “they focus on theoretical learning and test your knowledge with exams”. A key difference and reason why Torrens University stood out to Anshul in the first place, was the focus on practical and interactive learning. With more 1-to-1 personal learning, the experience allowed him to hone his creative and practical skills. 

The support Anshul received from his success coach

From day one of his online study experience, Anshul felt supported in all aspects of his learning. From lecturers understanding time difference for international students, to getting in contact with his success coach Larissa De Lopez. 

“Everyone needs a little hand-holding but it goes way beyond. It provides a lot of support and guidance, and that is what all success coaches provide us."

(Anshul - front row, first from left; Larissa - back row, third from left)

“My success coach Larissa is an absolute gift from god,” Anshul exclaimed. As an international student having no understanding of the Australian education system, “she helped me with anything and everything, from referencing, formatting to cover letters and resumes. More than that, she talked to me during the most hectic times, consoled me and guided me to develop my profession.”

The support of his success coach allowed Anshul to have the confidence to apply and secure an internship, to get relevant experience in his field. Even though he was studying online in India, he secured a marketing internship at an Australian company, building connections and industry hours. 

Participating in the Student Representative Council

Studying and working online can be an isolating experience for many, and Anshul decided he wanted to help support others in the same boat as him. He applied to become a part of the Student Representative Council (SRC), a group where students can socialise, network, plan events and build friendships with other like-minded individuals. “You can help many people”, Anshul explained, “and by doing so you get to have some fun with your other peers, but also help your peers - help your mates! You can be the voice of those people, being a part of the community.”

(Anshul - front row, first from left)

Opportunity to study on-campus

This continued on and once Anshul was able to come to Australia, the opportunities available to him through both Torrens University and outside organisations grew. While Anshul had all the support when studying online, the feeling of finally being on campus was something else. “There are so many opportunities on hand and the potential for growth and improvement is immense”, he said. 

Anshul was finally able to meet his success coach in person - after countless hours on zoom - and the sessions were better than ever. He continued his involvement in the SRC on campus in Adelaide and got involved in the Torrens University Cricket Team, building relationships for life. 

By being on campus, Anshul was able to collaborate more closely with like-minded individuals and had greater opportunities to grow and build skillsets with lecturers. 

“My experience has taught me that my greatest challenges have also been my greatest opportunities.”

Since starting at Torrens University and making the move to Australia, Anshul explained “the experience has surpassed my grandest expectations and I have achieved far more than I could ever imagine I’m capable of.” He goes on to further explain “taking the opportunity to learn and study at an institution that is reputed not only nationally in Australia but globally, has provided me a chance to appreciate the practical side of the industry and apply the skills I’ve gained to real-life scenarios.”


For any other international students unsure of taking the step to study in Australia, or starting offshore online, Anshul shared the wise words, “the potential for growth and amount of opportunities as an international student once making the decision to study overseas is far greater than you will get at home, so take that step!”

To learn more about Anshul Sethi’s experience as an international student click here to see his YouTube channel.

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