The opportunities of studying Public Health in Australia

Studying Public Health in Australia

Kristina Zafirovski is from Macedonia and graduated with a Master of Public Health. Read more as she explains the opportunities and skills she learnt.

Meet our graduate Kristina Zafirovski from Macedonia who explores the opportunities of studying Health in Australia and the skills she developed during her study experience.

Public health spans across a variety of disciplines with the end goal of protecting and improving the health of people. With increasing challenges to public health across the world, studying a Public Health degree will teach you strategies and techniques to prevent disease, promote health, health policies, ethical practice and much more. Studying in Australia will set you on a career path to work within one of the best healthcare systems and tackle the issues facing everyday people.

Kristina Zafirovski from Macedonia recently graduated and explores what led her to pursue higher education in health. “I’m a very dynamic, empathetic and curious person by nature and I have a passion to learn and help others. The public health field is diverse and covers a broad spectrum of closely related fields and I have been interested ever since completing my study in medical school.”

Studying a Master of Public Health (Advanced) Kristina discusses why she chose to study at Torrens University. “The flexibility of the course timetable has allowed me to be successful in various aspects of my life by being able to maintain a work-study and personal life balance. I also learned from the best public health industry experts and by participating in various projects, I was able to further develop my research, leadership and communication skills. The Master's degree matched my personality and interests while supporting my enthusiasm to expand my knowledge and skills.”

One of her primary motivations for enrolling into the course was, “the opportunity to complete the Capstone Project at the end of my course. I got the chance to expand my passion for research and learn from the best in the public health field.”

“I gained valuable skills that could be applied to both my personal and professional life.”

Not only does the Master of Public Health (Advanced) build upon existing knowledge in students but it prepares students to become better leaders. During her Capstone Project Kristina explores how she developed her writing and leadership skills. “We were encouraged to choose a research topic that has great public health importance but that we were also passionate about. We prepared a high-quality scoping review that we presented to the class and that helped to expand my knowledge and skills. It was a valuable lifetime experience that gave me the confidence I have today.” 

Why study Public Health in Australia

When discussing her reasons for choosing to study in Australia Kristina reflected that, “healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries and studying in Australia has allowed me to gain quality world-class education, where I had the chance to study from the best healthcare industry leaders and experts.” Not only was she immersed in a world of industry while studying in Australia but Kristina was able to grow her professional network. “I gained extensive work experience in the healthcare field while enjoying the beauty of this culturally diverse country and its breathtaking landscapes. I was able to expand my professional network as well as build lifelong friendships and that has been one of the highlights of my journey as an international student.”

When asked about her greatest achievement in her study journey, Kristina said, “I am proud of myself for managing to be an excellent full-time student and devoted mother of toddle twins while working for one of the biggest pathology companies in Australia.”

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