Forging collaboration with SAS to elevate data analytics education

Collaboration with SAS

Torrens University Australia is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with SAS, the leader in global analytics.

In a world where data is the driving force, the Torrens University and SAS collaboration promises to chart the course for students towards a data-empowered future.

Claire Davison, Associate Dean, School of Business Analysis and Technical Management at Torrens University, said the collaboration highlighted the importance of the connection industry and higher education.

“We are thrilled to bring together two renowned organisations with a shared vision to prepare students for the digital era and future work,” said Ms Davison.

“We believe this collaboration holds immense potential and will have a positive impact on Torrens University, SAS and the professional workforces of the future.”

SAS Certification compulsory in Data Analytics

This innovative collaboration synergises Torrens University’s academic distinction with SAS' renowned industry expertise, equipping students with skills to operate industry specific tools such as SAS® Viya® and SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, giving them a distinct and in-demand competitive advantage in the workforce.

Torrens University is the first university in Australia to make SAS Certification, specifically SAS Machine Learning Specialist, a compulsory requirement to complete a Master of Business Analytics degree. This requirement is designed to ensure students graduate with valuable skills and experience using globally renowned industry tools.

As part of the collaboration, students completing a course on machine learning can unlock hands-on access to SAS Viya technology. Experience using the technology is gained through the SAS Viya for Learners platform as well as the SAS Skill Builder for Students learning platform, providing students with the opportunity to fill any knowledge gaps or complete further reading outside of the course.

The comprehensive resources provided by SAS combined with the expertise of Torrens University’s academic team prepares students for their exams and successful completion of industry certifications.

Torrens University has also integrated SAS®Visual Analytics into teaching practices in their visual analytics and storytelling subject and are planning to extend SAS Certification pathways to include SAS® Visual Business Analytics Specialists.

SAS also offers students information about career connections and next-step advice, providing guidance on what they need to know, and should be considering when planning their future careers.

“Helping students extend their knowledge base beyond theory into practical experience using tools that they will encounter in the workplace provides them with a competitive advantage in the job market,” said Ian Edwards, SAS, Head of Academic Outreach, ANZ.

“Employers are looking for individuals who can understand how to manage and gain insight from the masses of data produced within their organisation,” said Mr Edwards. “To have these certifications already completed in conjunction with the industry leader is a major advantage for students.”

“It’s great to collaborate with Torrens University, who understand this, and want to ensure their students gain access to the best tools and the right accreditations to get ahead,” said Mr Edwards.

Ms Davison said the collaboration with SAS reaffirmed Torrens University’s ethos of delivering unmatched educational experiences.

“Our combined vision is clear - to nurture generations of students who are not just academically astute, but are also industry trailblazers,” said Ms Davison.

For more information visit SAS.

Pictured above: Left to right, Ian Edwards, Head of Engage: Academic Outreach & DataforGood Programs, Claire Davison, Associate Dean, School of Business Analysis and Technical Management at Torrens University, Mike Ghandi, Head of Education - ANZ Education and Adoption, and Bhuvan Nijhawan, Sr. Director Education – Asia Pacific.

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