Advice from an Expert Marketer on How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Lucy Bingle on LinkedIn optimisation

Not getting the job interviews you really want? You may have overlooked the importance of your LinkedIn profile.

More than ever recruiters are turning to the professional social network to match new talent with suitable positions. Recent studies found that 95% of recruiters are now hiring via LinkedIn, making it by far the most popular social network for hiring globally. 

In fact, it’s not just potential candidates that are sought after on LinkedIn: it’s also the number one platform used to generate new leads, important for building a customer base. Right now, millions of businesses are using the platform to build their brands, reach new customers and drive website traffic.

Marketing experts have been among the first to recognise the growing importance of LinkedIn in recruiting, marketing and branding. It’s now possible to get a little help with your LinkedIn strategy. 

Lucy Bingle is one such expert specialising in LinkedIn strategy, offering services to individuals and brands who need to improve their game on the platform. 

Coming from over twenty years’ experience in marketing and business, Lucy Bingle is now the founder and CEO of her own LinkedIn Agency, helping clients harness the power of LinkedIn through strategy development and training. 

Lucy Bingle was asked to share some of her insight on what students should be doing to boost their LinkedIn profile, in a talk at a recent Torrens University Australia Open Day.  

Here’s what she has to say on how you can give yourself the best chance of hiring success. 

“It’s really important that a student has the best possible LinkedIn profile page. The reason is that there are over 740 million users on LinkedIn. Every single organisation looks at LinkedIn and the candidate’s page. 

I know the way that roles are filled by recruiters: the first thing they will do is put jobs out on Seek or on LinkedIn, and applications will come in. The second thing they will do is review those applications, and the third thing they will do is Google that individual to find out more. 

That’s where the opportunity sits; with actually having your LinkedIn profile page appear in the search results and talk to all those great points that you had in your application and CV. 

If I was a student I would first build up my profile page. On the profile page itself, I want to see: 

  1. a really decent headshot,
  2. a really vibrant and dynamic background, and
  3. the summary section populated: that means the ‘about me’ section. 

So, as a recruiter, I would want you in the summary section to be talking in first person about what you’ve done or the course that you’ve completed, what the skills are in that course that you’ve acquired, and any experience you’ve had throughout your student years. That could be internships, volunteering experience or work experience. 

You’ve got to remember that you’ve got to cut through and stand out in a really crowded marketplace. Your profile page really needs to shine.”

Another way to catch the attention of companies and recruiters is to publish blog posts on LinkedIn that demonstrate your expertise. 

A prolific contributor herself on her own LinkedIn blog, Lucy Bingle publishes some interesting stories and sound advice for individuals and businesses online in her regular posts. Take a look to find a few more useful tips on how to boost your profile.

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