Podcast series shows how collaboration and industry connections are a game changer for research

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It may be one of Australia's newest universities, but Torrens University is already emerging as a leader in research communities nationally and internationally.


In Research that Matters, a compelling podcast series launching this week, 16 of Torrens University’s leading researchers provide insights into their work and how it is solving complex global problems driving innovations and breakthroughs.

Nothing has shaped modern life more than research - electricity lit up our worlds, smartphones now provide a personal computer at your fingertips, and anaesthetic took away the agony and fear of facing a painful procedure. All have been ushered in by major research developments.
The series highlights how a world without research is a world without change and innovation. It joins the dots between gender justice and design, discovers how video games can be a game-changer for rehabilitation, reveals how computers are capable of learning from experiences just like humans and how digital modelling can be used to improve health and safety in the construction industry.
Torrens University Australia’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Alwyn Louw said universities have a responsibility to drive human advancement and improvement.
“We’re moving into an era of super complexity. How we interpret the world around us, and how we find solutions to the problems we are facing, are drastically changing,” said Professor Louw, who features in the podcast series.
“Research fuels progress. It has transformed the way we see ourselves and live our lives – and it has made progress possible. Right now, researchers are working hard to find the answers to tough challenges. Inside their labs, institutes, and universities they’re searching for better solutions to persistent problems.”
The experts featured in the podcast series respond to a myriad of issues including the global epidemic of chronic heart disease, inequities and injustices in the workplace, and the emerging field of Virtual Reality for immersive education.
Torrens University is growing a unique research footprint, both nationally and internationally, by stepping away from traditional approaches to research.
Professor Kerry London, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research, said collaborative partnerships and strong networks were some of Torrens University’s key differentiators.
“Collectively, we are focused on four key principles - our research matters, our researchers matter, our reputation matters, and real-world impact matters as we develop impactful research through collaborative efforts with industry and community,” Professor London explains in the series.
“Our researchers have been pushing the boundaries and are focused on creating stronger, more healthy and inclusive communities.”
Find out more about the Research that Matters podcast here, and how the work of our researchers impacts each of us.
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The Research that Matters podcast series launches with the first three episodes on Tuesday 25 January 2022. New episodes will be released weekly each Tuesday.
The series is hosted by Clement Paligaru and produced by Written & Recorded.
Media contact:
Josie Smart, Communications & Corporate Affairs Manager, Torrens University Australia
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