At Torrens University, our students are never just a number.

We know that the biggest drawback to a traditional University is the lack of individualized learning and the large, auditorium-style classrooms. At Torrens, we operate differently. We believe that each student should feel seen and heard. We think that students learn faster and progress through the material quicker in smaller classes. Not only do our students get more from their education, but our teachers feel better equipped to deal with the needs of a classroom by observing and fine-tuning their style of teaching to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We also encourage our students to participate in stimulating class discussions to strengthen their learnings. Our mix of international and domestic students allows for a dynamic collision of ideas and backgrounds that enrich the learning experience. This is where close friendships are formed and confidence in new learning takes root.

Our smaller classes have resulted in a warm and welcoming sense of community.

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