Steven Sengstock | Current Student,

Torrens presented itself as an institution 100% committed to higher learning that could be applied directly and meaningfully in the workplace. Now that I’m a year into my Master course, I haven’t been disappointed. Almost every single reading and conversation has generated a new and exciting initiative for me to launch at work. My favorite part of studying this course is how much work its designers and facilitators have done to make it apply directly to my professional context.

Alexander Cardamis | Current Student, Bachelor of Culinary Management

Studying patisserie is an enriching learning experience and the friendships I have made with my peers has been a very rewarding experience. It’s like a family-friendly environment at William Blue. I also love learning about so many historical worldwide desserts. Discovering the origins of certain desserts, and how pastries rise and cook because of different ingredients is fascinating. At the end of the lesson, my classmates and I sample our creations and take them home for our friends and family. I never fail to bring home a variety of desserts every week!

Josie Harvey | Current Student, Diploma of Graphic Design

There was a lot of hesitation going into a formal college after a painful university experience of observing a huge disconnect between what was being taught and the working world. I chose Billy blue because when I walked in, their branding was on point. Someone sat down with me and got straight to the point, and it was the only course I found where I could get the ropes of design studying in person and in one year. Also, the small classes where taught by lectures who simultaneously work in the industry as well as teach. Not only do they know my name, they know my work and genuinely care about my success as a designer. It struck a good balance between real world and still giving really decent support.

Gareth Hallaran | Graduate, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The reason I chose Torrens University to study my MBA is because it gave ultimate flexibility; it allowed me to do a conference call in New York and collaborate with colleagues in London and complete an exam in a hotel room in Perth.

Amanda Miller | Current Student, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Studying my MBA has assisted me to bring together everything I have learned over the past 20 years in my working career and elevated my skills, knowledge, and experience to the next, more strategic level.

Hannah Vale | 2016 Graduate, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

As a graduate you are really set apart from others. BMIHMS graduates are leading the industry/market across the world.

Nick Verhelst | Current Student, Master of Business Administration (Sports Management)

I learnt a lot about myself and what was required of me from a professional and educational mindset in order to reach further development within the professional sporting environment.

Krystyna Paszkiewicz | Graduate, Master of Global Project Management

Torrens has a modern approach to study, especially for the online cohort studying Global Project Management. The emphasis on virtual teams and virtual work places us in a position of having experienced the approach, rather than just studying the theory. My cohort, of mature-aged students, has proven to us that you are never too old to begin or return to study.

Catherine Conradie | 2015 Graduate,

When you hear a child say that they’re not interested in school to then later say they’re really excited about learning is such a rewarding experience – knowing that what you’re doing makes it all worthwhile.

Thomas Alexander | Current Student, Bachelor of Media Design

If you’re passionate about design then you’re going to be able to experience every aspect of design, or even art, in this course. It’s not just digital.

Megan Bennett | Graduate, Bachelor of Commerce

My qualifications and internship experience have provided me with the suitable knowledge and skills to go straight into events and marketing based roles. I was able to build life-long contacts with the industry professional lecturers.