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Our Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia students and alumni are born creators. Be inspired by their bright talent and stand-out work. 

Branded Fashion Design

Armando Crisostomo

“I want to show society that men should not be afraid to wear colourful clothing.”

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Tracy Poblano

“My two proudest moments are winning Brisbane Fashion Month against existing millinery designers and a collaboration with Robert Henderson from the Henderson Gallery.”

Graphic and Communication Design

Shirin Watwani

Shirin is a Billy Blue College of Design graduate and marquage artist, who puts her mark on designer bags. In 2017, Shirin held a debut solo art show and sold all 25 canvases within hours.

Student Work Torrens University Australia | Stellar Leuna

Stellar Leuna

“This is the piece that I collaborated with Prada on. I remember drawing this in my room around 2am. Four, five years later, it’s on a Prada jacket. That’s pretty crazy.”

3D Design and Animation

Tristan Klein

“After coming up with a bunch of rough concepts, we ended up finalising the look of the show we wanted.”

Photography, Film and Video Design

Dan Braga

An international student, Dan arrived at Billy Blue College of Design from Norway. His passion for storytelling has earned him success as a film director. Dan’s documentary By the River was selected for the Australian Antenna Documentary Film Festival.

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Michael Chesworth

Leaving my 40-year career in financial services and re-engaging my creativity had been my plan for years. Billy Blue College of Design has been the vehicle to get me on that road and ignite the ‘what’s possible’ spark.

Creative Technology

Josiah “Elam” Lind

Josiah has already landed two dream jobs: Creative Director for Legacy Esports and Designer for META High School Esports. Both are owned by Adelaide Football Club.

Interior Design & Interior Decoration

Paul Turley, Ashleigh Rundle, Melinda Taylor

Interior Design students Paul, Ashleigh and Melinda drew on their flair for design when they were tasked with creating a new office for communications agency Struber.

UX & Web Design

Melanie Tran

“Be fearless. Make mistakes. Learn from them and do better. If you want to be innovative, creative and ground-breaking, you need to first believe in yourself – because a lot of people will tell you ‘no’. If you believe in yourself and the vision you have, keep fighting for it.”
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Claudia Osborn

Brain is a real-time, interactive, voice-recognising, projection-mapping installation powered by Javascript. Claudia created a stunning tool that visualises what goes on in our brains when we talk. Part-art, part-science, all mind-blowingly awesome.

Bethany La Paglia, Renato Frias Goncalves, Fabian Enrique Quinonez Mantilla, Yi-Yuan Lai

Kinetic and Interactive Wave Installation: No Place Like Home is part of a collection of works that explore climate change and rising sea levels. Installation developed, coded and designed by UX and web design students.
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