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The architecture industry is comprised of many different architectural services. One key area is architectural technology, which explores the ways in which technology and building design interact. It has risen in prominence in our increasingly digital world, opening a new realm of career opportunities.

Architectural Technician

Bring your technological expertise to architectural projects.

Architectural Technicians work closely with Architects and Engineers and hold a pivotal role in designing and transforming building plans and models into finished projects. This role has a technological focus, allowing you to leverage computer-aided design (CAD), building information modelling (BIM) processes and emerging technologies to digitise concepts.

What does an Architectural Technician do?

  • Design and manage all project types from small scale to large commercial, industrial, residential and public projects
  • Lead the technological design and documentation of a project; forming the link between concept, innovation and realisation
  • Create and support building designs using CAD and other design software
  • Undertake tasks such as site evaluations and risk assessment of projects using BIM
  • Possess a thorough understanding of building regulations, emerging technologies and innovation in the architecture industry

Project Manager (Construction)

Oversee building projects from design to construction.

Project Managers (Construction) are responsible for monitoring the process and progression of building projects. They have a lead role in ensuring architectural projects are delivered on time, on budget, on brief and in line with any relevant safety, environmental and building standards.

What does a Project Manager (Construction) do?

  • Guide end-to-end delivery of building projects
  • Ensure projects align with relevant building safety regulations and environmental standards
  • Work closely with Architects, Architectural Technicians, contractors and project teams
  • Manage allocation of project budgets and resources

Studio Director

Lead the day-to-day operations of a studio.

A Studio Director is responsible for managing a studio’s day-to-day operations and ensuring the firm’s smooth running. This role involves effectively leading the team and managing their workloads and delivery on client projects.

What does Studio Director do?

  • Manage client, staff and service provider relationships
  • Oversee the delivery of client projects ensuring they are on brief and meet expectations
  • Manage studio budgets and operations
  • Be a strong leader, visionary and people manager

Construction Documentation Technologist

Maximise project efficiency and communication.

A Construction Documentation Technologist supports design and construction teams through their expert understanding of construction documentation. They are crucial in maximising the efficiency and communication of teams working on projects by coordinating the documentation of all stages of a project.

What does a Construction Documentation Technologist do?

  • Prepare and interpret a wide range of construction documents
  • Use building information modelling (BIM) for design and construction efficiency
  • Manage documentation for building construction and processes using digital methods
  • Ensure effective communication between teams and stakeholders through the sharing of documents
  • Ensure projects remain on brief by reviewing architectural design plans
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