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In products of all shapes and forms, from magazines to cereal boxes, the visual element grabs our initial attention. Find Graphic Design jobs to satisfy your creativity and captivate customers. Whether you’re interested in making eye-catching logos, designing immersive layouts for magazines or leading a team of artists, Graphic Design careers offer many rewarding paths.

Graphic Designer

Use visual media and typography to create layouts, logos, infographics and other visual elements.

Blending aspects of marketing, art, technology and customer service, a Graphic Designer creates art that meets a client’s vision and captures the attention of potential customers. Graphic Designers are assets in industries including marketing, digital and print media, apparel, product development and more. Join a company and work in-house, or go freelance and work from anywhere.

What does a Graphic Designer do?

  • Create visually stunning images using digital illustration, photo-editing and design software
  • Present concepts to clients, helping them achieve a design, timeline and budget
  • Guide the overall tone of projects, using colours, images and typefaces to build foundational identity
  • Use your eye for colour, contrast and scale to tell stories and establish mood

Art Director

Be responsible for the visual style of different product ranges, publications or brands.

Working as an Art Director, you will bring client visions to life by collaborating in a team of design professionals. You are responsible for things such as the visual style and tone in publications, eye-catching product packaging and film productions. Art Direction teams are vital assets to advertising campaigns, product development initiatives, newspaper and magazine publications, theatre and digital industries.

What does an Art Director do?

  • Ensure workflow, vision, timelines and budget are on track
  • Inspire clients with concept designs
  • Review and approve designs, artwork, photography and graphics
  • Create the visual style, voice and character for each new job, for your team and other departments to follow

Publishing Designer

Tell the visual side of a story, supplementing the written word with flair and understanding of an audience.

Help your brand stand out against competitors as a Publishing Designer. By blending your flair for graphic design, eye for trends and understanding of target-audience-based design, you will take responsibility for the visual layout of various publications using photos, graphics and other art forms to design covers and the inside pages of magazines and coffee table books, and drawing in readers.

What does a Publishing Designer do?

  • Attract readership by designing easily digested visual layouts
  • Create significant designs that reflect contemporary trends
  • Collaborate with creative professionals, such as writers and photographers, to package everything together
  • Blend art with marketing in designing beautiful layouts for both target audiences and the general public

Brand and Digital Designer

Bring brands to life through your print, digital, web and environmental designs.

As a Brand and Digital Designer, you’ll be working alongside clients and Art Directors to follow a strong, strategic and creative direction. You can be part of launching new products, or help existing companies take creative approaches to reshaping their brands. This is a highly varied role that takes full advantage of your ability to tell a story through logos, colour and style.

What does a Brand and Digital Designer do?

  • Rework brand stories to change the conversation around product lines
  • Work with research, marketing and production teams to develop brand identity and place in the market
  • Design new brands from the ground up, helping them find a place in consumer minds
  • Create logos, trade dress and physical environments to maximise impact
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