Software Engineering Careers

Build a career in Software Engineering where you manage the design, development and maintenance of computer software for businesses and personal use. There is a diverse range of software engineering jobs available across all industries, working in web, in-house systems or general solutions software.

App Developer

Develop software across a variety of platforms and genres, filling market niches.

App Developers create software for computer systems with an emphasis on the emerging smartphone and tablet market. Let your imagination run wild in a gaming studio, creating content for a mobile audience, or work in-house for a company that wants to take their product into the digital sphere.

What does an App Developer do?

  • Design applications that fulfil a need for clients and their customers
  • Contribute to business development in facilitating brand building, customer engagement and promotion
  • Use programming knowledge to bring creative projects together with animations, graphic design, sounds and written content
  • Discover gaps in the market that could be filled with niche apps

Software Engineer

Design, develop and maintain software systems at a range of complexity levels.

Software Engineers come in many different shapes and forms, specialising in various industries and platforms to plan, develop and maintain software systems. Working in this role will have you leading all aspects of production, including strategising prototypes, undertaking development and overseeing ongoing maintenance. Software Engineers are invited to work on a range of projects, from basic computer applications to complex online platforms.

What does a Software Engineer do?

  • Design applications with a client-based focus, or build entire operating systems
  • Upgrade software for maintenance purposes or to enhance optimisation
  • Integrate data sets and previous architecture into single platforms
  • Create and maintain software engineering documentation to ensure standards are met

Web Developer

Take responsibility for the look, feel and content of websites across different platforms and devices.

As a Web Developer, you create the code for, functionality and personality of a website. With fluency in a range of programming languages as well as a suite of design skills, you will build and maintain sites, ensuring they are ranking in search engines and fit for purpose.

What does a Web Developer do?

  • Liaise with clients to ensure requirements and expectations are met
  • Update both content and the back end to keep up with technological advances and expectations
  • Identify problems across different devices and platforms
  • Establish and maintain databases and any plug-ins
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